Sunday, October 15, 2006

Nice way to spend a sick day

Mrs. Twisted and I planned a sick day and it was wonderful! Shopping, yarn, a relaxing drive, knitting at the beach with the woman I love! It doesn't get much better

I had the operatunity to shop at Purl Soho Costa Mesa a few times but the Mrs. never had the chance to sneak over during a work daytill today.

We justified the trip by needing a couple hanks of Black Manos del Uruguay to finish the 3 handed Lovers Mittens that are on the Christmas list for friends back east. Pics to come

  1. Two hanks of Manos del Uruguay Black

  2. Lantern Moon Project bag and a magazine for the Secret Pal

  3. Two hanks of Koigu Kersti merino in Electric Purple

  4. And the buy of the day 13 hanks (1,560 yards) of 100% alpaca from Blue Sky Alpaca @ $5.00 per hank!

We had to take it out for some action pics :)

Now isn't this why we live in sothern California?
75 degree heaven sure beats the hell out of working.

A Few hours of Sun Knitting and relaxing was just
what the Dr. ordered.


  1. Your secret pal6:07 AM

    What a great way to spend a day! And if that didn't make you healthier, well I don't know what would. I'm jealous though - it sure isn't beach weather where I live. Not that I'm anywhere near a beach even if it were :-)

  2. awww, so sorry you were "sick" lol. I had no idea there was Purl Soho in Costa Mesa. We visit the folks behind the Orange Curtain often enough, must check it out next time, since we need an Ikea trip too.

    I love the central coast, but miss the "convenience" of socal!! great shopping :)

  3. I might have a tri-color dogwood in my yard but you have knitting at the beach!! I am glad you and Mrs. Twisted had a such a fine day.


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