Sunday, October 01, 2006

You Know it's Fall When........

If you live in so California it's hard to tell when the seasons change unless you pay close attention to the retail store decorations and some of the corporate packaging of the staple foods we love.

You know the Special Christmas wrapping will be out
sometime after Halloween but before Thanksgiving.

We did get a beautiful card last week from Mrs. Twisted's sister who lives in Vermont. The one season she misses is the fall because of the turning leaves and the brisk coolness that is screaming at you to get out your winter clothes because 4 plus months of snow shoveling is just around the corner. I love the fact that I never have had winter clothes. Shorts and flip flops on Christmas is the norm for me.

What a wonderful thought. She knows how much the Mrs. loves the fall and in her better than Martha Stewart ways, she took a plain white card and attached the mat and a real Vermont Maple leaf from her yard with the nicest hand written note wishing us a happy 1st anniversary. Thank you Joyce

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  1. Mrs. Twisted11:00 AM

    "Sigh" I do miss that crispness in the air. The sight and smell of the vibrant leaves. So, so beautiful. Other than family and friends, its the one thing I truly miss. I MUST knit something
    "Fall-ish" now!


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