Sunday, October 15, 2006

I'll Start My Yarn diet again on Monday... I Promise :-P but Friday night it was Liquor, Knitting, Books, Shopping and Friends

Dusk on Friday evening in the Venice Beach area. It's hard to believe that a few hours earlier we were Sun knitting south of Laguna Beach. ( see previous post) The rainbows are a nice diversion from all the bad drivers when it rains in L.A.

The wonderful ladies at A Mano Yarn Center literally raised the bar once again. Friday night we had the opportunity to attend a reading by the author of Knitting Under The Influence by Claire LaZebnik. There are 5 drinks noted in the back of the book with knit reference names. A Mano graciously supplied the drinks and the crowd was very happy as we all knit while listening to the prose read by Ms LaZebnik herself.

Knitting Under the Influence

As the evening wore on we all had a chance to ask questions of the author and chat amongst ourselves. She did something that was quite a nice bonus, she handed out measuring tapes with the books name on it to all of us attending the event and personally signed copies for us. I had a copy autographed to my Secret Pal and got an extra tape for her as well.

For the price of two books she posed for a pic with Mr. Twisted

Lot's of liquor and non-alcoholic drinks for those of us driving,
a store full of inspiring yarn, great conversation and knitting. Life is good

Our gracious Host's and fibernistas Annette & Shannita in the background. We do wish you were a bit closer to us but it's always worth the 60 mile round trip to attend your fabulous events. Thank you !!

Before the event slowed too much the store owners announced a special discount till the store closed as thanks for the participation in the event, "Danger, Will Robinson". That's all it took for us to grow the stash and pickup a couple items for my Secret Pal.

New Royal Ball winder for my secret pal Shhhhhhhhhh!

7 hanks (1512 yards) of Malabrigo Azul Bolita Merino Yarn

Some Karabella Chameleon for Mrs Twisted.
70% merino 20% silk and 10% cashmere... so soft!


  1. Hmmmm..... how can we get those kinds of events up here?! So much fun. Oh wait - I can attend vicariously through your photos. Does Mrs. Twisted have a projuct in mind for the Karabella? I think it will be beautiful when it is knitted.

  2. mrs. twisted10:57 AM

    Punkin - if you ever get to the LA area, A Mano is a really great shop to visit! The friendliest, most helpful ladies, great conversation and scrumptious yarn! I have no idea what to do with the Karabella. I'm going to swatch it to see what it looks like and then might have to go back for more since I only bought the one ball. I absolutely love the colors!


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