Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Here is some actual knitting content

I know I havent been on lately but I started a new Job and life is busy.

First I need to introduce you to a very special lady, Natalie Wood.

No not the actress.


One of my guitars

I know it’s just a guitar but men tend to give female names to things like cars, boats, guitars or other inanimate objects. Why that name? I have always thought Natalie Wood was classy and timeless in her beauty. I see a lot of the same qualities in this giutar. Beautiful, mysterious yet not overly complex and the sultry voice . Yes I have a vivid imagination.

Oh yeah the knitting content, I was looking throughthe back of a guitar magazine and one of the advertisements had a slip on neck cover to protect from dust and dirt while it sits on the stand. I now what don’t I just put it away after playing it. You tend to play more if the guitar is readily available. Being the psycho engineer I think I can knit one of those. Mrs. Twisted went … ok. I guess, why not. So I measured the guitar neck and sketched the design and with her help I developed a pattern.
I'm calling it the "Axe Guard"

Off to buy yarn (yeah!) I found some Noro Kureyon that looked good with the colors in the guitar. It develped into a sort of huge sock well sort of.

when the length was correct for the neck I bound off the back and continued the front half until it would reach the stap hook on the end of the body. By adding a button hole to the end it attatches without any issues. I felted the top with a scuncie and did some creative blocking.

I built a filler block to hold the shape from a trix cereal box wrapped in a grocery store plasic shopping bag so it wouldn't desinigrate from the steam.

I need to shrink it a bit more so I will do some spot blocking and pin it flat so it doen't curl and lays flat accross the pick-ups and bridge.

After I finish the blocking I have some beautiful black silk. I plan to sew in a lining to ease the way it slides on and also to prevent lint and minor surface scratches from the wool. Hopefully done this week.

To all you lurkers, please comment if you like what you see or have any sugestions.


  1. Your secret pal5:30 AM

    Very cool idea! It does look like a giant sock, but at least you won't suffer from second sock syndrome :-)

    You should write up the pattern. I'm sure there would be other guitar enthusasts (or spouses of same) that would love to make that.

  2. mrs. twisted10:46 AM

    Ok, I know I'm biased, but is this the coolest thing ever? I'm sure there are other guitar players out there who would like to make this! I too think you should write it up and submit to Debbie Stoller for her latest (especially since she is looking for guy knitter designs. :)

  3. Love it! More! I really like following your design, thought process, and execution. I have to show this to my son when he gets home from school (he has guitars and knits). I agree with Mrs. Twisted, I think you should submit the pattern.

    I hope your new job is going well.

  4. There are some shortcomings living here in So Ca. Having five days where you would actually wear a scarf in the morning makes it hard justifying making very many scarves. This was my first attempt at something different. I appreciate the positive response. I may try to submit this somewhere or at least refine the pattern so others can make the "Axe Guard".

  5. Dear Mr. and Mrs. Twisted,

    Thank you for the birthday wishes.



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