Monday, October 09, 2006

My eyes are bigger than my Needles....

I sometimes feel like I’m at one of those all you can eat buffets where you put more food on your plate than you could ever eat. I guess it could be worse.

We had another wonderful weekend. One of the ladies in our Wednesday night knit group had a table at a local craft fair so that was on the agenda. But… we received a post card with the fall knitting class schedule for La Petite Knitterie and it had a 15% discount coupon on it so went to see what we couldn’t live without. One 200-yd skein of hand painted and hand spun silk merino in the most amazing ocean colors and two Purple blue twilight hanks of Malabrigo (feels like cashmere) Merino yarn

After we caught out breath we went to the craft fair to see Zona’s hand dyed hand spun yarn. Loved the way she named the yarn after song titles. Left to right, "Beautiful Days" wool, "Delilah" Silk, and Skin-a-Ma-Rinky-Dink"Merino/Cashmere. Well three more hanks added to the stash as our part to support the local economy and some wonderful kettle corn and it was off to drive the coast and see the sunset.

We headed south and as we were ready to head home we found a small group of car enthusiast who all had PT Cruisers with colored lights under, in and around the cars all working in conjunction with the music. Love the wierd stuff in So Ca


  1. mrs. twisted1:05 PM

    We seem to always find interesting people, don't we? The Petit Knitterie yarn is SOOOOO soft...I am trying to figure out a way to swipe it....:)

  2. Just thought I'd pop over and say "Hi". People are getting us confused in the blogosphere, so I thought I find out who I was confused with! Great minds think alike, we started our blogs (or at least posted) within days of each other! At least I'm being mistaken for someone with taste, that Alchemy silk is gorgeous, and the name? Great!

  3. I guess great minds do think alike... I did a search on blogger to find a creative moniker that wasn't already being used when I came up with the name last year. If you knew me you would fully understand the reason for me taking the name! I hope there isn't too much confusion with your readers. In August I noticed that Your swap partner came to my blog, probably by mistake. Please let me know if anyone is looking for me on your blog and I'll do the same.


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