Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Drop spindle 101 tonight.

I went to the Rumplestilskein spinning group tonight and thanks to Melyssa I learned a bit about drop spindle spinning. I received an Ashford drop spindle from the Mrs. Twisted for Christmas and finally opened the package and with some help, it was pretty successful. it was a small turnout tonight but very fruitful for thos of us who came. Teresa http://singsurfknit.wordpress.com/ brought her spinning wheel and Melyssa http://gwlana.livejournal.com/, Renatta and I had our drop spindles for the first drop spindle night. Melyssa brought some beautiful yarn she had spun and some she dyed and spun to share.

Look what Melyssa brought to show and tell

Thank goodness my arms are long.

The happy group with Renatta taking the picture with my camera


  1. It does look like a happy little group there, the handspun / dyed yarn is very nice - will you be showing a picture of what you spun? :)

    -- Michelle

  2. Anonymous3:09 PM

    Great pictures! How exciting to be spinning. Do you think you will like spinning as much as knitting? It may be a perfect fit for your love of fiber - becoming a designer of yarn. I jumped the gun on wishing you fun at Stitches (I was thinking it started last weekend), so I want to repeat my best wishes to you and Mrs. Twisted. Have fun! Take pictures!! Wish I was there. Change of subject - looks like you guys are getting hammered with rain!
    Punkin at Needle-to-Needle

  3. Mrs. Twisted11:06 AM

    "My nefarious plot has been set into motion. Soon I will have all the yarn I could ever want! BWAH HAH HAH!"


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