Thursday, February 22, 2007

Road Trip on the Horizon

We're going to Stitches West This weekend. Yay!

Driving to Santa Clara Really early Saturday morning and picking up Too Many Scarves to join us. We said we were on a yarn diet but the rules were supposed to allow us to fall off the wagon once and we had decided this was the place to fall off. What the heck, diets never work anyway right?

Well this year I'm going to be looking at roving as well as yarn. We have discussed the purchases and we plan to only buy really special fiber. When we buy this time it will be in quantity to make something. No more two hank purchases, unless we need two hanks. Hand dyed, hand spun or something really special. I'm hoping to find some really pretty silk fiber in quantity to make something and not all purple.... Maybe some pink and teal and emerald or burgundy...


  1. I am sure - even with your restrictions - you will be spoiled for choice :)

    Sounds like fun!

    -- Michelle

  2. alas, i wish we were going, but i say that every year and still don't go. always something else to save for!! but have wonderful fun ;)

  3. LUCKY... I wish I had some disposable income right now to go exploring SW too :( I can't wait to see what you pick up - maybe at the next pubknitters meeting.

    Cheers! Amanda


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