Saturday, February 24, 2007

Mid Stitches Up-date

We arrived about 1:30 and saw the sign at the door prohibiting any photographs so you will have to take my word for the increase in the size of the show this year from last. The three amigos ventured into the show but I was the only one to purchase anything on the first day. Lots of looking and a little buying so far.
Here are a few pictures of the first days items.

Hand Dyed sock yarn in lilac

Interlacements Toasty Toes Sock yarn

Colorway 201

Durring the entry of this posting, we had a little issue with the hotel and the party going on under our room so we recieved a nice room upgrade from a nice suite to a corner suite and open mini bar. Oh a Free breakfast in the dining room too :) and it's not a simple toast/danish and coffee breafast.

Ok, back to the post. I found some hand dyed sock yarn at the Webs booth and found some for me and one for a gift.

This was a pretty peacock color sock yarn for me. Very subtle colors colorway Midnight.This the the eventual gift socks yarn in colorway Twilight

I picked up one pattern for a pair of socks and met Cookie A of "Pomatomus" fame.

This is a pair of hand blown tempered glass circular needles size 6. The glass was heat treated and colored "triple passion" oh the cable is 32"

and they come with a lifetime guarantee against failure.
Last item was some roving from 50/50 alpaca Jacob

Well, one more day to go, hopefully I will find a few more great buys.


  1. Seems like you've got this shopping thing down pretty well :)

    Hopefully you're having lots of fun, nice purchases so far - those needles are very snazzy. Does 'failure' include forgetting them on the couch and sitting on them? I'd probably do something like that, good thing I don't knit much :) crochet hooks aren't as pointy...

    -- Michelle

  2. It looks that you have lots of fun, the yarn look great and the colors also!

  3. goodness, you do shop well!! I love those needles. I have some glass straight needles and they are fun, if not a bit scary, to use. must check out the website for those glass ones!!

  4. Anonymous3:27 PM

    I am so glad you did a mid-Stitches post. I have been hungry for news from Stitches. I look forward to hearing more when you get back and settled. I love the deep yarn that has peacock colors. Hope you two are having fun and have a safe trip home.
    Punkin at Needle to Needle


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