Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Is this Summer already?

The sunset coming home tonight was spectacular. As I was driving through a well known interchange know to us locals as the Orange Crush, the red/orange sun painted the purple clouds with a beautiful watercolor effect as it reflected against the tinted glass of the buildings nestled on both sides of the highway. My two children were born in the buildings I describe and it brought me to think of how many new lives started today? What A great day to start your life. It was a perfect weather day, so much like summer but it's the 1st week of Feb.

My apologies to the readers who live in the cold parts of the world, but this is why I live here. 89 degs and almost no humidity. Makes you want to knit scarves doesn't it?


  1. Mrs. Twisted10:58 AM

    Ah, I see my hubby has posted about our "Summery" weather. Let's hope it stays around for my niece and her fiance who are visiting this coming week!

  2. Anonymous11:14 AM

    The weather sounds lovely, and what a beautiful way to remember the birth of your children. It will be great weather for your visit with your niece and her fiance. Yesterday it was 64 degrees here! But as soon as the sun sets it gets very cold. You are very observant! Yes, I mixed up my needles while knitting the hat: started on wood, used metal to help with the 3 needle bind off, switched to Denise when I was concerned about losing stitches off the double points, and then back to wood after decreasing. My hand hurt after knitting for so long, but it was fun to finish the hat.
    Punkin (I cannot get Google to confirm my e-mail so I have to sign 'anonymous')

  3. I could use a little warm weather right now. As much as I love the colder weather of SF, I could use a little sunshine.


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