Tuesday, February 27, 2007

last post for the Stitches West show

After Dinner on Saturday nights diner at the Cheesecake Factory we went for a short drive to see the Winchester Mystery House. We knew we couldn't really go inside but Mrs. Twisted wanted to see the place that she has heard about for years.

If you look really closely you may see one of the ghost killed by a Winchester rifle who are known to haunt the house. We will return to see the inside another time.

This is Too Many Scarves relaxing on Saturday night in our suite after a long day in her hand made socks just recently gifted to her.

After Sunday's free breakfast Too Many Scarves was requesting a Starbucks fix before we return to the show. A stop at the front desk and off we went to one a few blocks from the convention center. Well, we had the opportunity to buy Girl Scout Cookies from a local troop. Got to love the Thin Mints and the peanut butter cookies.

Outside the Starbucks in the parking lot were the prettiest cherry trees in full bloom in late February. (we love the weather in Ca.)

Well we make it back to the show and the three of us had decided to go our own ways and go buy what we had seen the day before and after making sure we all had each others cell #'s handy we divided to conquer the booths at our own pace.

This is a set of blocking wires that should have been in the post on Saturday night.

This is some Merino and silk roving that I bought at the Purlescence Yarns booth from Sunnyvale.

Also purchased from Purlescence is this is Terra Sorrel merino alpaca, silk. It looks like Noro Cash Iroha that has been over dyed but it feels even softer.

I had to buy this. The brightest pink sock yarn I have ever seen. Koigu baby!

This was a great buy. 575 yards each of superwash merino yarn for $14.50 each.
1725 yards for $43.50 This may be gifted to someone but I'm not sure.

Here is some Hand Maiden SeaSilk for a possible lace shawl.

Some Incredible Belisa cashmere from Australia. The pink came with a scarf pattern that was knit up at the show. It was the softest lightest scarf I have ever felt. It was like pink air.

Here is a cone of purple cashmere for a project yet to be named. 1100 yards.

I picked this up after seeing the ads in the magazines. it looks pretty good. I'll let you know after I try it.

Last but not least some sunset pictures from the drive home on Sunday night. One by the cherry orchards.


  1. Those cherry blossoms look lovely, so do your purchases :)

    The colours are wonderful - that bright pink sure is bright!

    I'm looking forward to seeing what you make from all these delights.

    -- Michelle

  2. Mrs. Twisted10:55 AM

    Wow, the pictures I took of the cherry blossoms look great! Maybe we should blow one up for the wall?

    I think we did great sweetie. You bought some really gorgeous yarns. I can only hope I am the recipient of at least one of the shawls you plan to make!

  3. Wow...I have really bad hair in that picture :( hee hee...

    Love the cherry blossom pics.

  4. Hey Jerry
    I'd glanced through the pix but only today spent time with your wonderful prose descriptions. Great fun! I grew up in Saratoga (lived and taught HS there). One of my students was a guide at the Winchester Mystery House and gave a tour for a grade instead of a final paper. What great stories there....
    See you in a few weeks (dress rehearsal next Wednesday). Teresa


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