Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The new sock club yarn arrived

I found a wonderful pink bag in the mail box today. Seven long days after the e-mail from Dee at Posh yarn telling of the impending shipment.

This is Dee's message,
"February is traditionally the month for romance, and that's especially true for your Posh Yarn team, who got celebrate their thirteenth wedding anniversary in February. So since we're in a romantic mood, we've created a soft pretty colourway for this month's Sock Club, called Kiss Me. It combines delicate shades of rose, lavender, peach, lemon, and cream, in a random watercolour style. The yarn has subtle colour changes, so will suit lace or cable design socks, as well as plainer styles."

The color is very subtle until you look deep into the hank. When I wind it and swatch it I think it may look differently.

No matter what, I love getting yarn in the mail.

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  1. Mrs. Twisted4:32 PM

    Pretty pink packages with yarny goodness inside - $$$

    A wife who does a drumroll when you're opening the package - PRICELESS!

    It reminds me of a California sunset....:)


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