Sunday, February 10, 2008

70 deg Saturdays are nice!

Friday night I went to the bi-weekly men's knitting group at Alamitos Bay Yarn shop (in the annex). We had a new knitter this week and we hope he returns in a couple weeks. I brought Lorelai because one of the guys was very interested in seeing my wheel when I finally received her. I was trying to get one of the guys to take my wheel for a little test spin but I think he was a little uneasy but he wanted all the info because he was implying he wanted to purchase one too.

I filled the bobbin with the yellow Corriedale fiber and will probably ply it Sunday. I've had some roving in my stash for a long long time. I looked back into the history of this blog and found out I bought this roving January 28, 2007. Hand dyed by Lori Lawson of Capistrano Fiber Arts.
This is Merino that looks much nicer than I thought when I first bought it.

It's still a little over spun but that will straighten out when it's plied. The colors are more purple than I expected but I love purple so no problem here. My singles are getting better each time I spin but I'm seeing the plying as being the 'blocking" of spinning. I put it off even though it's not hard and it will free up some bobbins. You other spinners out there, do you prefer spinning dyed roving over spinning undyed roving?

I still haven't cast on for my sweater even though my gage swatch was ok. I should have swatched in the round.... Maybe tomorrow? :)

We have a friend who just received a wheel last week and through a few e-mails found out she is joining a spinning guild and made contacts with a few spinners who offered to help her get started. I can't wait to see when she has her first hank of hand spun.

Hard to tell it was Winter this weekend. We had sunny mid 70's today with a slight breeze and Sunday is looking just as nice. Maybe we'll go towards the shore tomorrow. Hope all of you in the snow country are safe and warm.


  1. Jerry, your spinning is coming right along. I'm proud of you. Now . . . get over that plying mental block. Plying is the funnest part, especially when you ply two colorways together. Every time I finish two bobbins, I just have to start plying (even if it's late at night) so I can at least see how it's going to look. Keep up the excellent work.

  2. Looks great so far! I can tell you did a lot of reading and research before starting to spin - how else could a beginner get such lovely singles :) Congrats again.

  3. I don't remember ever spinning from a dyed roving. I did buy one or two small Alden Amos batts, but mostly I couldn't afford goodies like that. [That was back when my food budget for seven people was $125 a month.]

    However, my future is not only looking bright, but polychromatic. Woohoo!

  4. Thanks for your comment on my blog. Do you suppose that engineering-types like thee and me are quick studies with spinning because we love math and precision and order?

    [Even if it doesn't necessarily crop up in *my* personal life?]

    There is a half-formed pun bubbling around in my pre-breakfast brain about being unlucky at cards as well as love, which is why I prefer roving...

    Will go chew on that idea for awhile, as well as a bagel and some cream cheese.

    Give Mrs. Twisted a happy-Monday hug from Texas.

  5. Your spinning looks great. The color of that roving is beautiful. I have been thinking a lot about dying the roving versus dying the yarn. Each has its merits.


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