Friday, February 29, 2008

Happy Leap Year Birthday

Happy Birthday my baby girl! Today is a special day in many girls lives, her sweet sixteen. Well this is an extra special day because she turns 16 and 4 today. Yes my baby is a leap year child. Less than 187,000 of the 301,000,000 in the USA and less than 4 million in the world of 6 and a half billion people.

She used to dislike her birthday until she went to school and realized that she was the only one in her school with her birthday. She never had to share her day.

Her Mom and I had the option when she was due to pick the day and induce labor (she was a week late). We talked and thought, why not let this be a special thing about her. When she was younger and it was a non-leap year it would be a week long birthday because she didn't have a birthday that year. 7 days of birthday madness. Well that eased off after her second birthday (8 years)

A little history for some of you who like this kind of stuff. Julius Caesar enacted leap year in 45BC.

Famous births:
Gioacchino Rossini 1792-1868 Italian Composer
He wrote the Barber of Seville in 1816

Herman Hollerith
Austrian born Inventor while living in NY worked at the census bureau conceived the system that eventually became computers. He formed his own company and invented the tabulated punch card machine in 1896. Through acquisitions and mergers this company became IBM.

The Most important birth on this date was in 1992 @ about 4:00 PM :)

I know this evening my sweet daughter is going to have her 4th birthday with her Varsity Softball Teammates . They are taking her to Chuck E Cheese for her official 4th birthday after a stop at build-a-bear. One of the fringes of this day is that she gets offers to go places. She gets a coupon for a free build-a-bear each birthday and a t-shirt.

I wish I was there with you celebrating today but have fun in the tournament this weekend (Go Mustangs) and have a Happy Birthday.

I love you!


  1. Happy "4th" birthday to Twisted daughter :-) You're in great company!!!

  2. Happy birthday Twisted Daughter!

  3. Happy birthdy, happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday!


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