Sunday, February 17, 2008

The world kept spinning while I was away spinning yarn.

I've been a neglectful blogger lately.

Yes I have been spinning everyday. Some days only 30 minuets some much more but at least a little each day. From my last post you saw some of my singles. This is the first real plied yarn. Dyed merino roving that turned into 110 yards of soft 2 ply purpley success.

It worked up to lite sport weight. I have to keep working at it to get fingering weight. I know it's getting there. About 15 WPIs

Mrs. Twisted has been knitting like crazy and she finished the 2nd Pomatomus sock.

She finished a sweater last week but I don't have pictures yet.

She cast on another sock last Wednesday and finished it after a few modifications to the pattern. Lily of the Valley made from Colinette Jitterbug.

Next was the shipments of two sock clubs.

Jen from Woolgirl sent Zen sock yarn this time that looked a lot like the yarn from the Semi-solid yarn I wanted from the Zen club. Two patterns, a heart stitch maker, hot chocolate, a project bag, and some candies.

The other club is the Yarn Tree sock club. This month came from the Thirteen Mile Lamb and Wool Co. An organic yarn from 50% Moorit and 50% white sheep dyed with cochineal dye.

Soft as buttah and so rich in color.

Today we took a little scouting trip today (Saturday) "The Button Store" in West L.A. We were looking for a source for buttons and this was just what we were looking for. Vintage buttons in every style you could want. They had modern as well as vintage but the enameled and specialized buttons will entice us to return again.
I also bought this WPI gage on Etsy last week. I named her Vicky because I know she wishes she was a Vicu~n~a.

I cast on and did a few rounds of my sweater and Mr's twisted in in the middle of another sweater herself but no pictures of either yet.


  1. I. Am. So. Jealous. Not only the hours and hours of spinning, and Mrs. T's new socks [don't you just love how Jitterbug feels while running through your hands?] and the pretty pink yarn, but that *red* yarn [!] and the button store [!!!].

    I will have to take my tax refund, one of these years, and fly out to Twistedland with an army cot and just camp out in that store and melt the numbers off my debit card.

    Our button store in Dallas is a wee demitasse cup of joy. Your button store is a latte mug, at least.

    Must go knit to soothe myself...

  2. WOW that's a lot of great goodies you are showin' off. Better keep those close and away from us jealous types ;)

    The Button Store looks like fun. Have you ever been to "Buttonham Palace" in Costa Mesa? It may not be on the scale of the place you went but it's close by and they have a lovely selection of new, vintage, and unusual buttons.

  3. I enjoy seeing your handspun. I can only imagine how exciting it must be to have your first plied yarn turn out so well.

    The Lily of the Valley sock really caught my eye. That is a beautiful sock.

  4. Anonymous1:21 PM

    Hey...I am in West LA. Why no visit? ;)


  5. Beautiful! Your handspun looks great, as do the socks :-)

  6. Jerry, great job of spinning and plying. You are full fledged spinner. And Deb's socks are gorgeous. Next is sock yarn for Deb to knit with.

  7. Congrats and compliments on your plied yarn. Isn't it odd and cool to have finished it? When I finished my biggest spin of 538 yarns at 7 wpi took a long time and I haven't sat down at the wheel again yet. Been knitting but I feel like I broke up with it and I'm sad!

  8. wow your spiinign looks great and that button store has me longing to be in LA, well that and the weather!

  9. Your handspun yarn is just beautiful!
    Greetings from a fellow spinnder and knitter in Denmark, Europe

  10. ooh. . your alpaca wpi gauge is so adorable i had to go buy one!


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