Monday, February 25, 2008

Spinning, Roving, Sienna, and more

Hi all, The end of another weekend in not so sunny California. We had a little light rain but the Ark wasn't needed.

Saturday morning was the spinning guild and I was really looking forward to this because I had some questions about spinning the camel roving I purchased a week or so ago. Many thanks to Janel for her tutelage.

Here I am before the meeting spinning and watching them set up for the talk about wheel mechanics. Just zoning out and spinning away. I noticed how large my feet were when I saw this picture. Mrs. Twisted came with me this time and worked on her sweater. More about that in a little while. I brought the hank for show and tell. It feels like first grade all over again but some of the other projects were amazing. One was hand spun lace and some needle felting. I saw my first Cormo fiber also. They had spun sock weight and knit natural colored socks. Kim Burk was sitting next to me and took this of me after I talked about the roving and fielded questions about my new wheel.

My hank laying on the show and tell table. Nods to Lori Lawson for the fiber.

While at the guild I purchased two balls of roving. 8oz of Merino in colorway Midnight. This was hard to photograph but here is the shot. It's more black than it shows...
Also 12oz of Purple Merino/Tencel
Ruth AKA Dizzy Ewe had a good selection of fiber at a good price so how can I resist? :)

Mrs. Twisted has been very busy in the last few weeks. You saw the socks recently, here are the other FOs she finished. One completed today and the other had it's buttons put on.

The first one is the Sienna cardigan from IK Fall 2007

The yarn is Karabella Aurora 8 on size 9US Knit Picks circular
Notice the wonderful fagot lace stitch pattern on either side of the button band.

She went with my choice of buttons this time. A lovely vintage reproduction pewter design.

The other one is from Big Girl knits

Sexy Ribs Pull Over in RYC Silk Wool colorway Clay. She made a modification to make it a tank instead of the full sleeve. This was completed just minutes earlier.


  1. Tell Mrs. T "nice work" from me. And those buttons are perfect for that sweater. Glad that you guys had such a nice, productive weekend.

  2. I'm so glad that Mrs. Twisted went with that sweater/tank top, the color and pattern look awesome on her. And super job on the Sienna Cardigan, looks great and gotta love the purple!

  3. Mrs. T's sweaters are beautiful. I have been interested in the Sienna cardigan, and I like Mrs. T's so much that I am definitely going to put in my queue. The color and the fit are beautiful on her.

    I like the picture of you spinning. You are so relaxed and natural that you make it look effortless. Your handspun is gorgeous.

  4. I'm sensing a purple theme to your life?!! Well, from one purple lover to another, you can never have too much purple.

    It was great to see you at the meeting on Saturday. I don't think I met Mrs. Twisted, you have to introduce me to her next time!

    Have you been spinning the camel yet? Or practicing long draw? Next time sit next to me and we'll work on it!

    Love the cardigan and tank top, way to go Mrs. T! And I do like those vintage looking buttons!

    See you next month.

  5. Mrs. T's sweaters are lovely :-)

    great job on your first spinning too!

  6. Anonymous9:29 PM

    Nice job on the tops Debbie! I want to see them in person though ;)


  7. Your spinning is beautiful! And GO Mrs. T! That cardigan is beautiful - love the lace! And your projects fit you so well, you are inspiring me to swatch...


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