Friday, February 22, 2008

Re-organization required

The hobby/craft/fiber room was getting a little messy with stuff all over the floor. So we headed back to Ikea for another Billy Bookcase. Buying a spinning wheel = bags of roving all over the place.

Much nicer now. We may move wall units right and slide the table on the left side. This is where the winder and swift reside. This would let me spin in front of a south facing window or read with some music playing. Hard to believe that we drove to Ikea, came home, assembled the unit, and re-arranged the fiber and roving in just a few hours.

Top shelf is dyed roving. Corriedale, Silk, Merino/Silk, Falkland, Merino/Tencel, and Romney.
2nd shelf is Jacob/Alpaca, Silk/Merino, Camel, Cashmere, Australian Merino and Falklands.
3rd shelf is Merino and BFL along with a few spinning books.
4th drop spindles and extra bobbins.
5th is the bags of yarn. Approximately 1,200 yards or more of any one yarn (project amounts)
6th is cones of DK and lace weight yarn.

Top left, Malabigo, right are the Silk blends
2nd left side is various wools and 2nd right is all cashmere
3rd left is books except socks and spinning, right are the silks
4th left is merino blends and the right is indie sock yarn #1.
5th left side is merino and Alpaca blends, the right side is all sock books, indie sock yarn #2 and a few commodity sock yarns.
6th left is periodicals and right is various yarn.

This was out latest purchase. A little mid day excursion to Purl Soho Wednesday and this was just begging to come home. It's sock yarn so it's ok. Fannies Fingering weight by Farmhouse yarns. The softest merino nylon sock yarn we have ever felt.

On a knitting note Mrs. Twisted finished the Lily of the Vally socks in Colinette Jitterbug colorway Marble.
I'm making slow progress on my Malabrigo Vee-Neck sweater but not far enough to justify a picture yet.

Men's knitting Group on Friday night and Spinning Guild Saturday Morning.

Life is good.


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  2. Wow! I am impressed! Very nice poor stash is shoved into several cabinets and closets!

    Spinning wheel does equal roving all over! The other night we went to dinner and my son had a piece of roving stuck to the back of his sweatshirt. He said it was "Free Advertising" Ha!

    Love your blog!

  3. Anonymous9:36 AM

    Love the room - it's giving me some ideas for mine as well :-)

  4. I like how you've organized the fiber in such pretty shelves. I think seeing the fiber displayed that way inspires creative juices.

  5. WOW I can't believe the socks are finished already! Mrs. Twisted is one SPEEDY knitter. They look great as does the new organization scheme. Congrats!

  6. I'm thinking about those same bookcases when I move this summer. Are they solid wood or MDF?

    Do you have The Container Store out where you live? I think they have vertical shelf dividers for people who like to stack their sweaters, neatly folded, on closet shelves. I think that would work beautifully for corralling skeins of sock yarn. I'll let you know if that's what I end up doing.

    We have an IKEA about 50 miles from here, and a Container Store a couple of miles from the Bitties.

  7. Jerry it does my heart good to see all that stash!! I love the Billy range and have the Birch units. They are such good quality, a bit like your stash ;) :)

    Beautiful socks BTW :D

  8. Verra nice! Large and spacious and well organized and FULL OF YARN cannot fail to win.

    Looking at all that yarn makes me want to just pick it up and pet it and rub it on my cheek.

  9. we used the Billy bookcases for my partner's hot wheel collection (we have a room full of 'em) - I highly suggest buying the glass doors if they're available in your area and in your finish; it helps keep the dust down... I added Hot Wheels cabinet knobs to his by drilling and tapping the toy cars and using the screw that came with the original cabinet knob to attach them... cute! (you could do the same with something knitting related, I'm sure but I haven't thought of anything yet...)

    congrats on the organization; I'm a wee bit jealous of your fiber room

  10. wow, that's one hell of a stash! And so well organised! Damn, I got some catching up to do.... :D


  11. Great stash . . . at first glance, I thought you found a new store you were going to tell us about!


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