Thursday, June 05, 2008

Baseball, book signing, new music and spinning

Busy week so far.
Monday night we attended the 3rd Stitch & Pitch.
We arrived a the field in time to enjoy some batting practice and our Dodger dog before the game. We went with a large group from A Mano Yarn Center. The over all attendance of the knitters was far less than last year but the group from our shop was twice the size from last year.

We were sitting farther away than I have ever sat at any sporting event.

But there were a few seats worse than ours.
Here is Laura showing off her newly made socks. Giving new meaning to the 7th inning stretch.

We had a good time and the home team won. Nice to see so many friends and sit down for a little face to face chat instead of a brief blog comment or e-mail. . Hi Rainy! Would love to meet for a spin in sometime after your move. Not sure if there will be another Stitch & Pitch. This was a big reduction in participation from the past two years.

Who picked Tuesday for the book and music release day? This was supposed to be the 2nd night in the fiber study spin group but we had a chance to meet one of our favorite authors. We attended a book signing and lecture by Lee Child. If you are a reader of suspense books I can't recommend this author enough. The signing and lecture ended after 8:00 so I missed the spin group. The group meets every week but we chose the first of each month to spin a specific fiber together.

His latest book; Nothing to Lose looks good.

This is number 12 in the series. He said in his talks that he will continue the series until he hits book 21.

You know I love to get the cheesy picture with the authors.

The Mrs and I both love his books so far. I want to thank Michelle for recommending this writer when we were in the Secret Pal 9 together. Just another good thing that came from me learning to knit. It's always great to find an author you enjoy.

The new Weezer album was released on Tuesday. Yay! It was double good

For those of you who know me, know I love certain bands and I own all the music I can find. Singles, bootlegs, imports etc. I know I'm not the typical fan of this band, probably twice the age of the of target audience the record label hopes will buy it's merchandise but that never stops me from enjoying the music. Rivers Cuomo is stretching his wings again with this latest release. For the first time the other members of the band had writing credits and even sang the lead in a few of the songs. Five of the ten songs are longer than 4:00 minutes. The last song is almost 7 minutes, not exactly radio friendly but I don't think they really care. The group has always had a huge online and underground fan base that buys the music no mater what the critics say. They are not looking for radio play even though one or two songs from each album makes it's way to the commercial air waves. The style is different than most of the previous recordings. It sort of reminded me of the Beach Boy's Brian Wilson late 60's period where there are layers of sound and multiple tempo changes. Rivers was married since the last album and you can see the change in his music. Less depression and more reflection. Yes it's different but I prefer to see a group mature and grow instead of cranking out the cookie cutter copies of the previous albums.

Here is some roving in the last week or so.

Some BFL from Lori Lawson at Capistrano Fiber Arts. I had to have this after seeing it last week. If you're going to Black Sheep, stop by and see her. She is sharing a booth this year.

This is from Hullion Fiberworks. The first is Columbia Dorcett

I can't wait to spin this. It's South African Fine Merino.

I plied another hank of Optim so I can free up a bobbin. I want to spin the second half of the purple fiber from my last post but I didn't have an open bobbin to ply it if I didn't free up a bobbin first.
From right to left. 1/2 ounce ( my first mini hank) the moma hank in the middle was the 1 ounce and the left hank is almost 3 ounces of yummy softness. We are going to dye this pretty soon.


  1. I loved last year's stitch n pitch. I can't wait for Phillies snp day - August.

    The roving is so pretty. Have fun spinning it up!

  2. Looks like good times. Those seats were pretty far away from the action, though. Your handspun almost glows - I like the way it reflects light.

  3. You got to meet Lee Child! I think I'd be a little scared of doing so. I get a little starstruck around authors. :-)


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