Thursday, June 19, 2008

Favorite Summertime Drink......

I'm a little lax in the answer of this but after reading other participants, I'm not alone... :)

I'm playing in the Secret Pal 12 exchange and they are asking us to reply to questions each week. This was last week's question;

What is your favorite summertime drink??

Being Summer really doesn't mater to me. I drink soda most of the time. I have a few vices and soda is one of them. I drink coke with my breakfast. ( not with a bowl of cereal though) At work I drink hot tea just for the caffeine and to reduce the caloric intake. As far as summer or winter, we live in southern Ca and the weather is pretty close to 70-75 degrees 300 days a year. That being said, I have a few choices. Cherry Coke/Dr Pepper are my two favorites. Fountain drinks when I'm out? Coke over Pepsi every time. McDonald's Coke is the best because the mix is always correct at least around here. We only eat breakfast there but the coke is almost as good as in the glass bottle at our local McDonald's. Yes I like unsweetened sun brewed iced tea. Various fruit juices and ice cold milk depending on what I'm eating. Mr's Twisted even wonders if I can taste the drinks because I drink so much so fast. The 12 oz can is literally 2-3 sips. The 16.9 oz water is 1-2 sips. Bottom line is that Cherry Coke, Dr Pepper or Regular Coke works just fine for me.

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