Sunday, June 15, 2008


Happy WWKIP day.

We had a huge gathering at a local regional park. Some of the ladies from All Things Strings organized this event instead of our normal beach bar-b-que. We had a great turn out of 5 or 6 local knitting groups being represented. This was organized on Ravelry and the various yahoo groups for the last month or so. We even had a few knitters who read the post and just showed up looking for a place to knit today.

I counted 6 spinners, at least 35 knitters, multiple dogs, various kids, a rodent of some sort, some spouses, two guitar players, one of whom was in a utilikilt, many jugglers, a few archers and we even had a baby alpaca show up. Can you say diverse?

Yesterday I bought a new EZ-Up to use for these open events and it was nice to have the shade.
We made a little sign to have some fun. Rancho De Twisted-Peeps to include both of our Ravelry names.

Left to right, Shanda, Denise, and Knitterotica

Kristie who spins with me in multiple spinning groups and the Spinning guild.

We parked close to the archery range because a few of the attendees were also archers. This is the learning range where they have free lessons including bows and arrows. Mrs Twisted and I will return next week for free lessons. Can you smell a new obsession? :)

They also have a full size range where Jen had brought some special long spears for some of us to try. I've never even heard of these before now. Atlatl Spears were the precurser to the bow and arrow. I wish Mrs. Twisted could have brought the camera over to the range while I attempted to throw these. The link shows the proper method, I was getting the idea but it was a humbling experience.

Karen, LoopyKD was there with her daughter. We spun together last month in Irvine park.

Someone had a map with all the groups in the area with a small synopses if you wanted to attend more knit nights in your spare time.

I love to watch the Jugglers. Very hypnotic to me.

The Jugglers play dominos when not juggling I guess. At least these seemed to enjoy it.

We had a few knit related games, one was like a sock wars type. It was a mystery pattern that someone test knit. It turned out to be a stuffed fish. When you finished you went to the person you were assigned to and they were out. You completed their fish and this continued until there was one everyone was eliminated.

Here is Robert who I think won. There were 12 playing this game, it looked like most had a good time. I didn't play.... Too busy talking and spinning

Shanda and Denise holding their fish after being killed.

There was also a "can you identify the fiber"contest.

The musicians enjoying the day.

I had to take this picture of Jeff. Playing the guitar strings in front of the All Things Strings banner.
Yes, he was the one in the Utili-kilt. Way to go Jeff!

This young girl learned to spin today on Anne's wheel. Passing on the craft....

Towards the end of the day someone showed up with a baby alpaca freshly sheared.
Zona's little girl wil be asking for one of these for Christmas this year. :) He loved her barrettes.

Two of the ladies, Zona and Rachel saw the Hula Hoops and thought "I wonder if we can knit while we Hula Hoop"

You have to see the video to believe it.

Thank you to all the ladies who put in so much effort to make this happen.

When I came home I found the latest shipment from the Woolgirl sock club on the doorstep.

Dashing Dachs sport weight superwash merino hand painted yarn and lots of goodies. Never seen this kind of stitch gage tool. It has a 1x1 square hole.


  1. Anonymous4:32 AM

    Looks like everyone had a great time, wish I was there...

  2. Anonymous4:33 AM

    OH By the way...Happy Father's Day!!!

  3. Secret Pal8:41 PM

    What a fun filled day! Happy Father's Day.

    Thanks for sharing your cool pics

  4. What a really great time! I had a houseful of guests so I never did make it to WWKIP . . . however, I did take my knitting to a meeting at church last Wednesday!!!

    I love the package from the sock club. Very nice.

  5. Wow, it looks like you had an amazing day! Mine wasn't nearly as exciting: no baby alpacas. Grin.

    Love the Woolgirl yarn.

  6. Wow, you had a really great WWKIP day. I moved. And then I went to the alternate site, and everyone had gone home because of the heat.

    Fannie Flagg [she who wrote "Fried Green Tomatoes"] used to have a stand-up routine demonstrating why well-endowed women should not take up archery. Eye-wipingly funny.

    Having recently attempted to power a hula-hoop, my hat [and hips] are off to those remarkable ladies for hula-hooping while knitting.

    And people think knitting is boring?


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