Sunday, April 29, 2007

"Beat On The Brat With a Baseball Bat"

Not literally, just a line from a Ramones song but a tie in to the two themes . Punk Knits by Share Ross and assistant coaching a little league team when the head coach was away for a one game.

Friday night we went to A Mano Yarn Centerand for the next installment of Bad Girl Knit Night. Share Ross displayed her samples from the book and had a little hands on demo of the techniques of deconstruction she used in the book.

You caught me reaching for a maple covered Crueler from the pink box of doughnuts .... I didn't eat the fancy finger foods or the wine. I'm the designated driver

Nice variety of people there that night. Some new to us and a few of old friends.

What a treat to knit with the author, share her inspirations and not just be a spectator.

Shannita modeling one of the fashions from the book.

The obligatory photo with the author. I like the cheesy pictures.

Always a wonderful time at A Mano. I did by a skein of purple Manos for the never ending mitered rug but we were good besides the book.

I volunteered to help coach a little league team last month when Mrs. Twisted found out about a team that was a little short handed at times from a co-worker. Well, I was told the head coach was going to be out of town with his son this last weekend and I would get a chance to be in the dug out again since my kids grew out of the recreational leagues.

Arrived early and warmed up the starting pitcher with a little catch.

A little pre-game meeting... Going over the signs and having fun.

I missed being in the coaches box a little bit. It was more fun that I thought. Cheering them on and seeing the look on their smiling faces as they rounded 1st base after a hit.

This may not seem like much to most but I loved warming up the pitcher while the catcher was putting on his gear and it reminded me of all the games I did the same thing while my Son and Daughter were pitching not may years ago. Oh yes I was hurting on Sunday morning. Age + lots of squatting makes you hurt the next day.

A bitter sweet end to a great day. The kids had fun and so did I.


  1. Lovely post (knitting and "parenting"). Funny, though, I focused on the achy knees! Sat, while getting ready for my dd's big presentation day, I discovered my beaded scarf was shedding beads. So I quickly donned my reading glasses and grabbed a teeny needle. I laid the scarf on a contrasting color pillow on my bed, kneeling beside it (like bedtime prayers!). 30 minutes later, no more shedding and MUCHO pain in my knees. I keep forgetting I'm almost 50 and too sedentary for my own good!

  2. Mrs. Twisted11:42 AM

    Bad Girls Knit nights rule! There are always new people there and of course, some we've met before and its always a good time.

    I only wish I could have gotten a nice close up photo of your face hon, you were beaming as much as those happy little boys. I'm glad my happy boy got to play :)

  3. Anonymous3:27 PM

    You looked at home on the baseball field. Great pictures.

    As always, the knitting looks like a lot of fun. That yarn shop does some really fun classes.

    Have a good week.



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