Tuesday, April 10, 2007

To the victors go the spoils

Congratulations to Inky for the victory in our first blog contest! I didn't know what to expect when I proposed this fun little game. Well we had 52 hits on the site today. My normal traffic is about 17 so I guess the prospect of free yarn and some competition really stimulated the activity.

I hope this doesn't set a precedent to retain readership but I think we had as much fun as the record turnout. Mrs. Twisted isn't supposed to be on the net during work hour and she peeked in a few times to enjoy the action.

As I promised here are a few pictures of what is going out to the winner.

Clockwise from the top; Malabribo Emerald Blue 5 hanks, Malabrigo Violetta 3 hanks, Two balls of Regia Silk sock yarn for Mr. Inky and three hanks of Alpaca silk. I also included some beautiful stitch markers and two patterns from Knit & Tonic

Due to the closeness of the game and the spirit in which it was played we decided to also give a consolation prize.

4 hanks of Classic Elite Premier Cotton Tencel in Robins Egg Blue, 1 ball of Yarn place lace weight in purple 1100 yds, 10 hanks of Manos Del Uruguay Cotton Stria and a set of tiger eye stitch makers.

Three boxes ready for shipping tomorrow. 1st place, 2nd place, and my SP 10 box. Sorry I cant share with you what's in the SP package, but we don't follow the rules in the SP either.

Happy knitting from Casa De Twisted


  1. Leanne5:24 AM

    Oh my! You two are way too generous. I'm floored. Thank you so much - I will welcome the yarn lovingly into my home :-)

  2. omg!! you two are indeed way too generous! I am going to make room on my yarn shelf for those wonderful goodies and believe me, like Leanne said, they will be getting a good home. love you!!!

  3. Wow. Parting with all that goodness. Wow. I only wish I had won.

  4. Anonymous10:30 AM

    What generous prizes. Somehow that does not surprise me, as I have noticed how generous and warm-hearted the people are who live at Casa De Twisted.

    Congratulations Inky and Leanne! So fun.


  5. To Inky, Leanne and all who played:

    Just a little gift to express our thanks to all of you who make this narrative of shopping trips and exploits worth writing. I think most of us bloggers love to share thoughts and opinions with our own little twist on life and even an FO or two when they occur. It would seem a little empty to me if it were just a journal lying next to the bed. We're so happy that it all worked out the way it did and we all had so much fun. The minds at Casa De Twisted are already thinking about the concept for the blogaversary game just a few months away. It was sad to see the yarn go but if you know me, you know what happened... The optimist is looking at all the vacated space as an opportunity to go shopping.

  6. Congratulations Inky, this is great! Wow! Great prizes¨!


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