Monday, April 30, 2007

Maps, We Dont Need No Stinkin Maps

Mrs. Twisted plans to retire in the home for the millinery challenged. Only kidding we took a few pics and I thought it looked like the blog title.....

Well we had plans for a Sunday drive after talking to an amazing fiber knitter/spinner/weaver/ dyer extraordinaire Lori Lawson week about a the Lavender fields. We looked up the directions and had it all worked out but I thought Mrs. Twisted had the directions and she thought I had them and we quickly realized that they were sitting on the couch as we were almost an hour down the coast. Hey, we don't need no stinkin maps. hehe

Would you be worried driving almost 2 miles down a poorly marked dirt road with no map with just a good feeling of where you are going? It's all part of the fun of a road trip.

Well we made it and what a beautiful place

The fields are still 3 to 4 weeks away from fully blooming but it was still a beautiful place to come visit. We plan on coming back next month to see it in full bloom.

The have a distillery to extract the oils to make lavender candles, creams, soaps and various scented products. The couple who owns the farm also raises a few llamas and sheep because she spins knits and weaves too.

Everything is kept organic and natural. Lori Lawson was browsing in the gift shop when we arrived and she told us of the special bugs that cling to the prickly pear cactus here who produce a red dye, Cochineal, that is used to naturally dye fiber.

The floweres that were in bloom were so very pretty and loaded with bees. There were benches all over to just sit and enjoy the peaceful beauty and relax. Well we had our knitting so why not take advantage of the opportunity.

Well he had to go into the "Wool Shed" to see what was available. a little wool and some Lama from the guys on the top of the hill.

it's nice to see the animals and get it fresh from the source. Hand spun and natural color Llama

This was on the next farm about a mile away. Can you say Partridge Family?

It was only 1:30 so we decided to go find another yarn shop, south to San Diego we go. We had the knitting travel directory and found a shop in La Mesa Two Sisters and Ewe. Nice shop in the older downtown district. Beautiful selection of yarns and they even had a knitting book loan program

Yes we did buy some yarn

Diakeito Diarufran wool ribbon that feel like alpaca it's so soft and light of hand.

The prettiest lavender/lilac /blue lace weight wool from Kaalund Yarns Australia.

oh yes we love the cheesy photos. The worlds largest Bar-B-Q at a street fair on the way back up the coast. Encinitas had a street fair and we stopped at the Black sheep and checked out the sale items.


  1. WOW! Great pictures - looks like you have a really nice weekend :)

  2. Mrs. Twisted1:43 PM

    I can't believe I let you use that photo! It was a nice day for a road trip and The Lavender Fields are so peaceful and fun! I loved the grumpy llamas who didn't want their picture taken.

  3. Anonymous4:28 PM

    What a great weekend. Getting outside and having adventure and seeing someplace new and visiting a yarn shop and having fun! Perfection.

    ....stinkin map .... millinery challenged.... Mrs. T, you better keep an eye on him! I come from a long line of 'ornery' and I recognize the warning signs.


  4. Dang! your pictures turned out so much better than mine. I want that gazebo in my backyard -- it's on my wish list, but maybe a glider swing with a canopy. Too bad that the lavender festival is the same weekend as Black Sheep. And I love that Diakeito -- purple, I notice.

  5. Lovely lavender! When we landscaped our first house in Oakland, we visited a heather farm and brought back some plants that had great memories associated with them -- kinda like souvenir yarn, only pricier and has to live outside. What a great weekend road trip!

  6. What a wonderful trip! Beautiful vistas and beautiful fiber--what could be better? Thanks for finding my blog becuase I now have a link to yours!

    BTW Mrs. Twisted, I love the hat!

  7. It looks like a great adventure! Very nice pictures!


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