Friday, April 20, 2007

Guest Blogger Mrs. Twisted fills in while I'm in Mexico


Guest Blogger Day
Mr. Twisted is busy, busy, busy with helping out at Little League and running down to Mexico on business so I thought it might be nice to mix it up a little and take over, um I mean, UPDATE the blog.

Things are progressing nicely with the Cherry Bomb. Perhaps I should call it the Spinach Bomb, since it’s a such lovely shade of green, but somehow that doesn’t sound as appealing. Actually, I’ve been thinking of it as “The Sometimes Cowl” inspired by Knit and Tonic’s “Somewhat Cowl” since with the finished mobius, it will sometimes be a cowl and sometimes not.

Mr. Twisted and I are excited to have some cool knitting events coming up. Next week we’ll be off to one of our most favorite yarn shops, A Mano Yarn Center, to hear Share Ross, author of Punk Knits, share (heh!) her thoughts on her creative process and book designs; as well as score an autographed copy of the book.

Next, on May 27th, its back to A Mano to hop on a bus and join our friends Annette and Shannita for the Stitch and Pitch at Dodger Stadium! Now, I’m not what you’d call a super baseball fan – I’m more of a hockey kinda gal, but last year was so much fun and while we were there, we met some of the nicest knitters we are now happy to call our friends. (Hey Renatta! Hey Marie!) There is usually a gift bag of some sort, but its just so cool to sit outside in the fresh air with a bunch of like-minded, friendly people knitting. We love to check out what everyone is making and the Mr. likes to take pictures and keep score; in addition to working on our projects and chatting. If you’d like to go, check with A Mano Yarn Center or your local yarn shop or knit group. Or drop us a line and we’ll steer you in the right direction!

In June is a trip to Oregon for the Black Sheep Festival. The wonderfully talented Lori Lawson told us about this event and we are anticipating a fun-filled weekend. I’m psyched just to get out of town for a couple of days and to ogle all the fiber; while the Mr. is excited to learn more about shearing, spinning, etc. I’m sure we will have a awesome time!

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  1. Anonymous1:51 PM

    Hello Mrs. Twisted! It is nice to hear from you. The Spinach Bomb looks great. A Mano Yarn sounds like a great place. Have a nice weekend.


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