Friday, April 27, 2007

Lady Hockey fans

Before we start I want to send my best wishes to Inky on her surgery. Get well soon!!!

Well it's been a few days since my last post. We went to our Pub Knitting group on Wednesday night and it was fun to bring out last purchases. The Crafty Canadian brought her new Sweet Georgia sock yarn to taunt us. The conversation went from creative uses for sock blockers to the results of lab experiments where they work. There were only 5 of us but it was quite fun. Four ladies and myself and they seemed more interested in the Ducks Hockey game at times than what was on the needles. There was one lone basketball fan but she was out numbered. Seems odd that there were so many hockey fans here in So California, but they were all transplants. I must admit it was fun to sit with 4 ladies who were bigger sports fans than some of the men in the bar(myself included). We were all knitting socks `cept for Mrs. Twisted who was putting the finishing touches on her Tilli Tomas Cherry Bomb.

OK since we last talked We bought some more hand dyed yarn from a local artist that will go on the sock shelf to confuse us on what yarn to knit with next. It's all so pretty. No I didn't reorganize flickr yet.

Group hug

ohhhh so pretty

Redish purple

This one looks so pretty knit up. I saw a swatch/ sample sock.....

Mrs. Twisteds colorway


  1. Ooh, such pretty and tempting new yarns! Have fun!

  2. Mrs. Twisted11:15 AM

    Does anybody else feel drawn to the same color combinations? I love the aqua/purple/green combos. I have three sock yarns that are nearly identical, but I keep buying more in that same colorway. Hey, I am nothing if not consistent!

    Great pictures hon :)

  3. Nice pictures...and yes I was outnumbered by the hockey fans...but basketball was still great to watch! The mavericks won...even though they aren't my team. Nice seeing you again.

  4. That's some super YUMMY yarn there! I think I'm required to be a hockey fan being from Canada ;) It took me a long time to come to terms with becoming a Ducks fan over my home town team the Canucks... this series is interesting for me - kind of win-win. I'm still hoping the Ducks win of course but if they don't it's not quite as hard a pill to swallow... Going to the game tonight!! GO DUCKS!

  5. I LOVE these colors! I'll be they feeljust as luscious. Hope to see you guys (and your yarns) soon in person!


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