Saturday, April 14, 2007

Hey, I thought sock yarn doesn't count as stash building

He had a return trip to four LYSs in the Inland Empire (Riverside, Redlands) I know we said we were not going to buy anymore yarn till later in the year. But I thought the rules excluded sock yarn...

Left to right

  • Cherry Tree Hill merino

  • Mountain Colors superwash/mohair/nylon

  • Louet Gems Superwash merino

Twisted Sisters 100% merino

Some red and black Karaoke
Two more Yarn clams and a replacement set of #2 DPs

A very cute ballerina shrug for a little baby girl who is almost one now.

Ella Rae 90% silk 10% viscose yarn for the shrug.

The swatching has already started...

The next knitting fiction novel. Someone dies by being stabbed with a set of size 19 Addi Turbos........ it says it on the back cover.

Here is the Tilli Tomas jade silk Cherry Bomb WIP by Mrs. Twisted. Front all finished and the back is about 1/3 third complete.


  1. Mrs. Twisted11:07 AM

    Sock yarn is SO addictive! We are suddenly obsessed with it here at Casa de Twisted. Me, who doesn't even wear socks! Looks like I will have to start, doncha think? :)

  2. Congrats on the expanding sock yarn stash - I TOTALLY know that feeling. I kinda have a 'thing' for socks in general though :)

    Love the Cherry Bomb! you are making great progess!

  3. I LUFF the colors of your new sock yarn. Just hang it on the wall! Way to go on Cherry Bomb -- I love that color too. I'm still waiting for my extra Ruby Wine Tilli Tomas to come it. It feels so wonderful to work up. I'll bet you'll be sad to finish Cherry Bomb.

  4. Anonymous11:35 PM

    I just noticed that the comment I made a few days ago did not post. Hmph. I love the yarn you chose - we have similar tastes in color. The ballerina shrug is going to be absolutely adorable. You do so many cute things.


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