Sunday, July 01, 2007

Socks, Shrews and Skulls, Oh My!

FO alert! Last Thursday at the U.C.I.SNB I finished the socks that would never end. If only I knit as fast as I buy yarn. Actually I should have finished them months ago if I had only worked on them. I don't know who was more happy with the completion Mrs. Twisted or myself. I kept ripping them back over and over until I got the heels right.

Weaving in the ends on the toe.

Is that happy on my face or or just relieved that they are finally finished? Little of both.

The evil socks visiting with the rosewood H&S DPNs one last time before they part company forever.

Sally (on the right) shows of her wavy scarf made from Noro Kureyon. So pretty! Sally if one of the wonderful people who makes the Thursday night group so special.

We went to San Pedro for the 2nd show from Shakespeare By the Sea "The Taming of the Shrew." Today was in the high 80's here and we were looking forward to the cool ocean breezes while we got a dose of culture. Much lighter production tonight, lots of laughs and the actors looked like they were having fun.

The park is in such a lovely place. Cliffs over the water and the views of the ocean are so pretty.

What a wonderful way to spend a Summer evening.

Almost the end of the show when the Shew is tamed.

Mr Twisted getting a picture with Katherina "The Shrew" played by Suzanne Dean. She was so nice to pose with me after the show.

I had to show you the beautiful shot of the moonlight reflecting on the calm Summer ocean. Very romantic place to do some snuggling.

Today we made a little gift for a blog friend we are meeting for brunch on Sunday morning.

No this is not photo-shopped...

Before I get the critical e-mails I know that gingham check underskirt and the plaid shorts don't go together. I was just the model. Sorry to disappoint all of you that I didn't have my pearls and heels on but alas I not Mrs. Cleaver. :)

Let's hope the recipient likes it. Hey, Stop looking up my underskirt!


  1. Anonymous5:50 PM

    Yay!! The socks look beautiful. Nice job.

    Did Mrs. Twisted sew the apron? She is a talented woman. It is a cute pattern. Nice fashion shot.

  2. Enough with the moonlight and the cuddling, LOL! Have mercy on those of us who have no moonlight, because of all the rainstorms, and nobody with whom we care to cuddle. If you run across a nice man who knits and won't raid my stash, put him in a box with airholes and some Koigu and ship him to TX!

    The socks are lovely, as is the wee Shrew, likewise the apron and yes, even that dratted moonlight.

    Knit long and prosper!

  3. the apron is awesome. i need to know where the fabric with the skulls came from.

  4. Mrs. Twisted10:50 AM

    Dang, I'm lucky to have a man who cooks, knits and even models my projects. Now if I could just get him to scrub the bathtub....:)

    Punkin - yes I did and Shanita - its from Joann's!

  5. Thanks for the heads up on SP11!


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