Monday, July 23, 2007

I just noticed I'm over 6,000 hits!

I can't believe I went from 3,000 hits to 6,000 hits in such a short time. I'm happy to see that a few of you feel comfortable enough to leave a comment once in a while. What a shock that people find it interesting to come read my ramblings. Thanks to Punkin, Gordana and the few faithful who usually say hi, I love to see the feedback. What a kick in the head to realize that 6,000 people came to see the info on my blog either by accident or on purpose. I have a request? what would make you comment? What drives you to comment on other blogs? I'm not really stressing about how many comments I get because I do this as a way to relax and express myself but why do you comment on someone Else's blog? Do you feel a connection and want to share? Empathy for the writer? Common situations? Just curious? if you were curious, out of 6029 hits I had 499 responses. I'm an engineer I always do the statistics. Just part of my mind set. Life is Good!



  1. Why do I comment?

    I comment when a blogger asks why I comment

    And when I feel some particular connection to what the person writes about in a post

    And when I have something that seems worth saying

    And because I know it's nice to get comments now and again.

  2. I find it amazing the connections that I have made through the knitting community. Total strangers but virtual friends who have cheered me on, listened to my angst, brought a smile to my face or tears to my eyes. There are threads that reach out through the internet and allow us to touch each other.

    I respond when I find something of interest or when I just want to say kudos. I am in awe of what people are doing and how they are doing it, the lives that are lead and what people find interesting and/or strange.

  3. Anonymous3:37 PM

    I comment when I feel a connection to the person or when something they have done or said inspires me.

    I have always liked visiting your blog. It is fun and inspiring. I feel very fortunate to have found your blog early on. I think you were one of the very first to comment on my blog. Your quality of character shines through. I would also like to say that when you speak of Mrs. T., obviously a special person, in such loving ways it warms my heart and makes the world a little brighter.

    And I always enjoy reading about those fun happenings you find along the way - Thong Man!


  4. I tend to comment when I have something interesting to add, or if I really like something someone said, or if it sparks a train of thought in me that I want to share.

  5. Hi Jerry -- I comment when I feel like I can add to the "conversation" if I were there in person. Also, when I have time! Sometimes I only have time to skim. I'm back in town, so I'll see you guys soon.

  6. I comment because...

    + I like/feel a connection with what I see/read
    + someone has asked for advice/feedback/a response
    + the person is a friend of mine
    + I want to be supportive/spread the bloggy love
    + someone's having a contest (yes, I'm totally shallow!)
    + comments are warm and fuzzy making

    Life IS good!

  7. Anonymous3:57 PM

    In reply to your comment on my blog, thanks so much for the invite you extended to go to the knit in in San Diego, but I can't commit to it right now, lots of stuff going on, don't know when I'll really be able to go! But I want to!

  8. I comment if I feel I have something to add. Otherwise, I just enjoy and agree with what you say.

    I also comment if the blogger asks a question for the purpose of feedback.


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