Friday, July 06, 2007


No knitting content here but lots of fun Music content!
Mrs. Twisted surprised me with tickets to a show this weekend that I thought was going to come and go without us. I know music taste are as wide as can be with a bunch of knitters but this is one of the genres I enjoy.

Rockabilly baby!

There are quite a few good bands here including Big Sandy and his Fly Right Boys ( think 50's roadhouse almost country), The Blasters( a step towards the harder edge of rock from the last band) The Supersuckers ( one my favorite live bands, the lyrics are not PG but the energy level is amazing and the performance is 2nd to none), Lee Rocker (one of the original Stray Cats), Dave Alvin ( lead guitarist for the Blaster will return to the stage later and do some solo stuff) And one of the biggest So Cal bands ever Fullerton California's own Social Distortion. If you are a fan of the band they used to play here locally for years even after multiple record contracts just because the fan base was so large. If you are a fan of the band I recommend you listen to the leader and song writer Mike Ness' single that came out a few years back. You may be surprised to hear the country inspired tunes sprinkled throughout the CD. Very Dark but great solo effort and nothing like the band sound that everyone is used to besides his signature gravely voice.

I know I introduced one of my other guitars earlier and so I guess this is a good place to introduce my favorite. Her name is Betty. Betty Page has been adopted as a moniker for the times by the Rock-a-Billy crowd and this guitar is the same model used my many of the guitar players of the time as well as the ones who still play the music from the era.

Behold my 2004 Gretsch 6120 with flame Maple body and ebony fretboard AKA "Betty"

Attending these shows is more than the music, it's so much fun to just people watch. Their is a whole sub-culture of people who live in the lifestyle all the time. It's like you have transported yourself back to 1956 and you see the old cars and the clothing styles and the hair and make-up akin to the era. Vendors who live and die with this annual show pull out the stops and the fans come in droves in support. The bad part is that it looks to be close to 100 deg F tomorrow so we plan to arrive just before our favorite bands go on and find a place in the shade.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and don't forget the sunscreen if you are going outside.


  1. Anonymous9:08 PM

    Good job Mrs. Twisted! Have a great weekend.


  2. Oops! I've been out of town and just read your blog and saw that you already provided the Birthday Meme stuff that I just tagged you to do. Thanks for reading my mind before I had the thought! PS I love bluegrass, but hootenanny is a little outside my familiarity.

  3. My kids are looking forward to going to our local Irish Festival in two weekends. We spend the day people watching, listening to the music and spending way too much money. Last year, I bought a bodhran for my son. The thing that will be the best fun, is that we will spend the trip home singing at the top of our lungs!

    I hope it wasn't too hot!


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