Sunday, July 29, 2007

socks and socks

In the last few weeks I have been doing lots of other things and not much knitting. Mrs. Twisted has been knitting for the two of us. I have been knitting rug squares but the gage is still off from changing to Continental knitting. The squares I'm working on will be ripped and re-done but that's ok. Meanwhile, Mrs. Twisted has been engrossed in socks lately.
A few weeks back, Moma Llama sent us some test yarn (Squishy in colorway Angelika) and what a beautiful sock it made. You saw the hank picture already but here is a couple FO pics. We had a problem because she ran short on the second sock.

Mrs. Twisted had deemed these the prettiest socks she has ever made.

I sent for some rescue yarn in the same colorway that I found from Wool Girl but in a different fiber. We decided that the socks were too special to substitute so it was quickly discounted as a viable fix and the socks went into a dark place until we could get another hank of the same colorway and same fiber. Thanks to Catherine for dying the extra skein for us, we love the Indie dyers because they are focused on customer service and great yarn. Awaiting an paypal request and then the package that will complete the beautiful socks.

The second sock I will show you was inspired because I bought other yarn when I got the rescue yarn. Did you think I would just buy what I needed? Of course not. Well, here is the Posh Yarn Emily in colorway "Illustrious"as it arrived.

Here are some WIP pics.

Sock #1 is about 80% done. This was done in toe up and Mrs. Twisted is loving the toe up method.


  1. The socks looks great. I was never knit the socks from toe up! It look amazing, I must try knit the socks that way!

  2. Anonymous12:52 PM

    Pretty socks, Mrs. T. I still have to conquer toe-up - I get stuck at the heel.


  3. Pretty sox indeed. So lacey and girly. *swoon* I aspire to make sox like these when I'm a grown up knitter!

  4. what pattern is th posh yarn in? love it! is it mirabella? and the daylily socks, how many inches are the cuffs? sorry to be so nosey, just want to let people know realistically what they can get from a skein of Mama Llama Squish ;)


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