Friday, July 06, 2007

4th parade

Picture heavy post

One look at the Corona Del Mar Dolphins and you know what time of year it is... It's like the Holiday Barometer in the shape of a green fuzzy "Flipper"

We went to the Huntington Beach 4th of July parade last week and here are some of my musings of the day...

Mrs. Twisted and I have gone the last three years and enjoy the show even before the parade starts. What would make you want to give your young child a mohawk?
The one closest has the mohawk and the younger further one has the faux-hawk created with some styling gel but it still doesn't answer the question.

Later we saw the father figure walking the older boy boy and maybe it's just hair envy?

This guy took it to the next level of Raccoon tail coloring his mohawk.

Just the guy I want coming to the door to take my daughter out on a date. Imagine the comments he gets after going on job interviews. To be young and not having to worry about being business acceptable.

We knew their was going to be a fly over and we heard the jets go by but the overcast sky prevented us from seeing what we heard and then this rolled up the street. Very slow and so low you could feel the rotor wash as it went overhead. Almost felt like we were in the movie "Apocalypse Now"

Then it became the same parade that so many towns all across America have

Uncle Sam walking down the street looking so happy. We had 2 Uncle Sams today, we liked the first one because he had the real beard and no Jaylo-esque sunglasses. :)

Never would it cross my mind to have a name like Mr. Fluff on my license plate. You can come to your own conclusions on why he did .

Mr. Twisted knitting away on one of his rug squares now in continental knitting. I will end up having to rip this one out because the gage is so far off. but it was good practice and I refined my tension as I was going along. We even have knitting content at the parade.

Mrs. Twisted loves the Shriner's because of the silly cars and how could you not love guys who wear pointy shoes and dress like MC hammer in the parachute pants and the crimson red Fez hat.

Check out the Nike swoosh golf socks and the dress shoes... Stylish huh?
This cute little boy must have had a few pit stops to change the battery in his red Ferrari car.

OK enough fluff....

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  1. I've noticed the kids with mohawks recently too. I wonder if it's just because Angelina Jolie does it to her kid? I find it totally lame, because the people here are the preppiest people, and in no way would they wear a mohawk themselves. I noticed recently a "punk" couple where their daughter was the most well dressed kid there - long blonde curls, true Sunday school dress - and this was at a work kids party! I think it's funny that you dress your kid opposite how you dress, at least here up North.


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