Monday, July 02, 2007

Jumping for joy

I'm a pretty moderate and easygoing individual I don't get excited very often or maybe it just doesn't seem like it. The completion of the socks seemed like a good time to show some excitement for it was the last project that I will throw because I'm converting to the dark side of picking. More on that in a later post. Well I thought I would take Stacey's cue and do a little jump for joy. Look a the link to see her jumping on Feb 15th for a 5 star reaction. I would have hit various body parts on the ceiling if I was to do that, so we took it outside. Well one jump turned into a little slide show of silliness. We won't go into the embarrassing sock model poses that followed because those pictures will never see the light of day. :)

Honestly I was off the ground more than it looked. Ok now, it will be hard to take me seriously after this but what the heck. Oh I must admit I landed a little funny and twisted my knee. So you really won't be seeing much more of the flight of the old man. It sucks being old. Thanks to Mrs. Twisted for the great action photography Ala Randy.


  1. lol! your socks look great! Fun pics too!

  2. Leanne5:51 AM

    Great pics - very joyful!

  3. Mrs. Twisted10:52 AM

    I still laugh when I watch that little montage....

  4. Working in the aerodynamics industry, shouldn't you know something about taking off and landing?

  5. Anonymous7:40 PM

    Ha ha ha ha. A sock hop!

    ahhh, the power of the dark side ... I am a picker, although someone called me a flicker once (?).



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