Sunday, July 29, 2007

To Dye or not to Dye, that is the question

Today (Saturday) I had a chance to take a yarn dying class. I know we dyed some yarn in the past but I wanted to see some new techniques I hadn't tried yet. A shop we visited last year had moved and was offering a class, so I thought I would go see the new shop and learn a little. Annie from Hissy Knits had Charles Lee give the class and he stepped us through the process of sock yarn dyeing with a microwave and various dye brands. Before I start I must tell you she moved the shop to a Barn she had built located behind her house.
Yes she had a "Barn" built to hold her business. So out of place here in Los Angeles but again so very cool. The down stairs area has a large kitchen that was perfect for the class.

Here I am slowly applying some dye on the first hank. The class was $40. and that included 2 hanks of sock yarn (880 yards) and all the materials.

Here is my first hank ready for the Microwave. Three shades of pink and two of lavender. Not bad for the first hank. Off to dry outside after a quick zap in the oven.

My second was the hank closest to you on the near horn

Turquoise, ocean blue, white(undyed) lavender, and burgundy. I was trying something and it turned out muddy and almost brown so I over dyed and the burgundy seemed to cover it well and looks well, better. Not really what I wanted but it will work ok. Love the Cow head by the door of her shop, we used it as the drying horn.

Here is the group of us with Charles Lee in the middle and that's me 2nd to the right. Like you can really miss me. What a wonderful group of ladies to spend the day with. She ran this as an all day event. it only took about two hours but we had lunch in the middle and the drying time so some of us knit and we all talked. One lady dyed her first hank and left for an hour and a half for an Italian lesson and returned later for the second hank. It was open ended so you could come come anytime between 11:00 and 4:00 and still finish the two hanks. You may have to take home wet hanks instead of damp ones but it was a well run class never the less.

Annie is the 2nd to the right. She was a little camera shy but very friendly. Let me add this, I live 40 miles from her shop and pass at least 20 shops to get to hers but I would do this again just for the wonderful people and interesting conversation with all of you who attended.

Here is the first hank wound up and dry. "Little Princess"

The second hank also tied up. "Boysenberry Beach"

To answer the initial question; will I dye more or stop buying other hand dyed yarn? Are you serious? You know I will continue buying all the yarn I always have but now I may create an exclusive Twisted Knitster coloway to send out in yarn swaps and other special occasions. Maybe a new creative outlet for the my own yarn for the one of a kind color that makes a common pattern a little less common. The possibilities just grow with each new thing we learn. Well happy knitting to all!


  1. Anonymous10:37 PM

    Beautiful color choices. I like the red barn.


  2. Looks like a fun event! Esp. since you get yarn at the end of it...whatcha gonna make with yours? And I love the idea of a Twisted Knitster colorway!

  3. HEY jerry!

    Thank you so much for taking my dyeing class! Also posting great pic!

    I will doinf more dyeing class next month..if you like please come by let people know!

    Thank you again!


  4. Gtreat Job! woooo hooo! love the second skein...very pretty color combos!

  5. Nice colorways! you definitely have a great eye for colors. I just love dyeing fibers too.

  6. Wow, I will definitely plan my next trip to L.A. around one of her classes - how fun!


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