Sunday, July 08, 2007

Blogaversary game postponed

I must postpone the blogaversary game for later in the month but will give everyone a few days warning before we start.

On another note, Secret Pal 11 is open for sign ups. Looking forward to the games once again. How many of you lurkers are playing this round? I love the Swaps. Let me know if you know any others before they start.

The Hootenanny was a blast but I will post about that in a few days. In short, Music was good, bad and in between. People were the best part of the whole show. I will go into my ramblings later.

Happy Monday everyone.


  1. Thanks for the info about SP11! I signed up and am looking forward to this one. I think I did SP8 or SP9.

  2. Hi Jerry -

    I'm dreadfully, woefully behind in answering email, but wanted to shout out to a fellow rockabilly lover and say hey! ho! thanks for finding me on Ravelry and leaving a comment on my blog!

    Never been to Hootenanny (too hot for this old gal), but love most of the bands, and can't wait to hear your write up. Hey, how werre Nekromantix? I err on the billy side of current psychobilly, but am curious....

    Rock on, amigo!

  3. secret pals sound and look like such fun (having been on the receiving end of all Michelle's excitement when you were her SP). Alas it just can't happen for me. Can't get without giving and I can't give. Bummer eh! Hope you all enjoy cos it really does sound great!!!


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