Friday, August 10, 2007

Here are the results of the blog contest.

All the players listed and then we cut them in to little hat size slips.

We did the drawing and processed it through "You Tube"

Here are the results if you have dial up or the You Tube isn't working.

First prize on the top right and 2nd on the bottom right. Congrats to you both!

Here are the entries without names so everyone can enjoy.

Design a colorway for the Twisted Kitster...
1. color - lilac type - almost solid, slight variation of the color.
2. name - Stratocaster.
3. Picture - I wish I had one. hmmmm... the color of your purplebirthday cake.

Did I get everything? That was fun!

How about a semi-solid dark (forest) green, varying a bit to slightly lighter green? I don't know what to call it, though.

I'm really not sure why, but I've been finding semi-solids very appealing lately.
okay, no picture, sorry but I think it should be self stripping with about 5 shades of blue, starting with a really turquoise, then a blue/green, pale blue, darker (royal?) blue and finally and indigo. I think it would be great but then again I am all about blue! As for a name... perhaps "blue hues" ( if you feel like rhyming) or just "basic blue"


I saw you post yesterday about yout color way of hand-dyed yarn..Here is the anwer!
If you SEE Lime and Violet's woolporn shop They have crazy yarn name!
I was think about if i have a yarn dyeing company..I will name it inspiration of our life base on lifestyle, culture and art! (Even music! I saw lot of pic about your guitar!..I can see that you like music!)

Example of music theme:

1.Yarn Name : "Teddy Boys" - I was thinking about 50's style of boys cool looks with
tuxedo and creepers. Also hair up style!
2. Color: Black, dark blue and brown
3. Type: Variegated
4. Pictuer fo inspiration of the color :

1. "Rockabillies" - Like Elvis..James Dean style . leather jacket
2. Right pink(Bubble cum color), black white, baby blue
3. Variegated

1. "Mod" -1960's style Beatles,Hippie, The Zombies, birght colors and drug
2. Bright yellow, flourescence green and pink and orange
3. Variegated

1. "Jamaican Faver" (Rastafarian)- 70's Freedom, "Bob Marly"
2. Yellow, green , red
3. Variegated

1."Acid Jazz" - 1980's DJs jazz club, Cocktail
2. Blue tons, night light( lighr orange), Violet
3. Variegated

I wish i can win!


Here's my contest entry!
lime green robin egg blue and chocolate verigated MAYBE but I think self striping would be neat too.
Name: Twisted Dreams
No pics sorry.
I couldn't find anything I could use.

Ok, you reminded me to enter, thank goodness, cuz my brain is falling out lately!!
color: variegated black, red, purple, bluecolor
name: Twisted Bruisepicture: think of the nastiest bruise you ever got dancing in the pit :)
love you guys,


Well... knowing you and your color preferences I have to say that your signature colorway should be a range of blues and purples.

I thought of a specific color then realised it was a favorite Crayola color of mine so... I went looking for a list of all the colors so I could give you specific shades :)

This would be a HIGHLY verigated colorway with very short transistions and perhaps some speckles...

midnight blue
blue violet
purple mountains majesty

What do you think?

As for a name... I think you should have 'twisted' in the name so I propose: TWISTED BLUES


Okay, even though I'm going to risk sounding stupid, I'll give an idea for a color.
What about autumn leaves: with strands of brown, husky orange, and deep gold? I know Mrs. Twisted is from Massachusetts and there is nothing we east coasters miss more than the amazing color of the leaves.


Here's my idea for your personal colorway:
"Burn in Hell" (one of my favorite Twisted Sister songs) made up of red, orange and yellow:
flame colors. Good luck!


Every shade of red or blonde that Bette Midler's hairhas been, over the years. An emphasis on tomato red,vermilion, mango, strawberry blonde?

I actually have two colorway ideas, both hot rod inspired.#1: For my first choice I have to go with a recent fave hot rod I saw at Glendale Cruise Night. (I posted the pic on the blog a while back, but here it is again.)
I've taken the colors from the AWESOME detailing seen here. Man, I love this car.
1. Color(s) and type: Black with some turquoise, red and grey.2. Color name: Big Daddy Twist, or Twisted Big Daddy, or some such derivation.* * *#2: The second is a semi-solid purple called Purple Metalflake. Kinda silly, but it would be an easier colorway to do.Rock on

Greetings Twisteds :-)
So, here's my entry to your contest. I think your colorway should be bright and bold, but gender neutral, I see something in various shades of a colour, as opposed to multiple colours. When I think of you, I think of Southern California, which makes me think of ocean and blue skies - so maybe shades of blue. (Gotta have some teal in it because, well, teal is just a great colour !) And it could be called, ummm, Twisted Waters? Lame, I know - naming colours is definitely not a strong suit of mine :-)
Hugs to you both!


Here's my idea for a colorway, maybe it's sort of stupid, but I was thinking bright, primary red, yellow, and blue and you could call it Bozo the Clown.Good luck with the new colors!


My idea would be for a deep purple and forest green/dark emerald, to be named "Wild Iris," as in this picture here: ~akshots/scene/flower.jpg.Variegated, perhaps with some cream in it?


So I'm thinking the color would have to have purple in it, and black for your dark side, and probibly acid green for the punkrock side of it. As for a name, I'd call it Twisted Stitches or something of the sort. Sorry for no pics, I just came up with the right now, and with a chance at all that yarn I couldn't pass up the chance.


Thanks to all the participants and the inspiring ideas. We had so much fun !

Mr. & Mrs Twisted


  1. Anonymous11:34 PM

    I am speechless! Except to say Thank You So Much. I ..uh... am surprised! I rarely win anything. It was really fun to read all the entries. There are some really great ideas there. This was a fun contest. Okay, I am going to start blabbering so I will just stop. Wow... surprised....


  2. Congrats to the winners!

    And I'm looking forward to seeing yer bitchin' colorways, Jerry!

  3. Lucky winners! I like your hat too. Can't wait to see the colorway you dye up.

  4. Congrats to the winners!

  5. Congrats to the winners!

  6. ACK I can't believe I forgot to check in on Friday night! Yesterday was full of theater going fun so this is the first chance I've had to look at email and what do I find!?! I've won second place!!! WOOO HOO. Can't believe it, I never win anything! Thanks you two. Congrats to Punkin too :) See you Thusday!

  7. Oh, sure, have a contest while I'm on vacation . . . it sure did look like fun . . . your contest that is. My vacation was fun too but incredibly hot (Florida in August . . . what were we thinking?), oh, I know, Virginia in August (and it had recordbreaking hot temperatures last week . . . hotter than Florida in August!).

    Take care. Sorry I missed it!


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