Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I never saw any offical rules so I'm expanding the rules a little bit.

I am stretching the limits of the Pay it forward to 12 random people who respond to the original post by Sunday 8/26/07 . I have a special project in mind and will begin in the fall so you won't be waiting 365 days to get a smile in the mail from me. Don't be put off by the 10 that are already signed up because it's 12 random. Just remember that the goal is to create a better world by sharing a hand made gift to someone who in turn makes three more people smile. Please pay it forward even if you don't get picked by me.


  1. Certainly no official rules . . . and you are just paying it forward on a loverly scale. May you be blessed for your efforts.

  2. ok I just missed your deadline..phooy...I want to start a pay it forward too.. so I am going to do one on my blog...


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