Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Moving, more yarn and Mexico

We are officially residents of a different town in Orange County and the unpacking is going slow but sure. It was like a sigh of relief when the last box was set down and we knew it was over. My two brothers were a huge help and my older brother by 4 1/2 years kept me honest by not using the old age card as we lifted and hauled the heavy bulky stuff. The recovery is being aided by anti-inflammatories and otc pain meds. Being old sucks and moving while your old sucks more.

On Saturday I met the postal lady as she brought up a package. I think it's a good omen when your first mail at a new address is a sock club delivery. I waited till the day was done to open it and was it ever worth it. This is the first shipment of the Yarn Tree Sock club. I will elaborate later and show picks. The yarn is not normal fiber or colorway and the dyer is amazing. There was a custom project bag with the shipment and a Britney cable needle included with the first sock. She is including a DVD of the making of the sock to assist and inspire as well. This just raised the bar for all future sock clubs. Pictures of the shipment are coming on Friday.

I'm once again down here in Mexico to manage a couple projects for the week and it was 124F today as I was heading back to the hotel. Can't wait to drive back to the coastal climate of South Eastern Orange County.


  1. Congrats on surviving the move! Hope you're enjoying your new digs.

    So you're one of the two guys in the Yarn Tree sock club, eh? I, too, received my Yarn Tree package (this past Saturday, so it came super quick), and was speechless (quite a hard thing for me) when I opened the box. Do you love your stuff? The colorway is totally me, and the bag is really cool and useful. It's off to a great start, that's for sure.

    Stay cool!

  2. Congrats on moving! I hate packing everything up but like having a new environment. Great first package too!


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