Wednesday, August 08, 2007

tick tick tick time is running out

Is this too intimidating? I've had almost a hundred hits and a micro fraction respond to the offer. Well the hat is going to be pretty empty to draw from for the give away later this week. The odds are pretty good if you are on the list. I know, I know you still have two days. Thank you to the ones who have entered because I received some pretty inspirational submissions. OK all you lurkers, there are no wrong answers here. Nobody will see your entry but me unless you win and then who cares because you have yarn coming to make it better. Oh if you were wondering this contest is also open to foreign readers too. I will even pay the oversees shipping too.

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  1. Leanne5:51 AM

    Oh my! I get a few days behind on reading blogs and I almost miss a Twisted contest. Yikes! And now I have all this pressure to get inspired. Whatever shall I do!


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