Monday, September 24, 2007

Happy 2nd Anniversary My Bride

Two years ago today Mrs. Twisted and I were joined in marriage. For those of you who know us personally you already know that we don’t really fit the mold of normalcy and we are happy with that. At times we are very traditional and then we take a step to the left or right and live life with every day as a new experience. We began this marriage riding down the isle in a pink Cadillac convertible driven by a Young Elvis Impersonator and the wind has been in our hair since. New ideas and fun at every turn on our journey together.

Cotton is the traditional gift for the second anniversary but I wanted to do something with it other than sharing some fabric, even though we both love to shop for new fabric.

I took each letter in the word Cotton and related it back to Mrs. Twisted and I or how I feel.

Creativity: I have never met someone who inspires me to be more creative. She accepts me and encourages my thoughts and follies without judgment. Together we share a creative thought process that amazes me. We know each others thoughts and yet we both have different pieces to the same puzzle. The pictures on this blog are mostly her visions and my application of the camera to capture the image in her mind.

Ocean: One earthly entity that we both need to have in our life is the ocean. We go to the beach Each Christmas morning and take in the cleansing effects of the fresh air and are always in awe of the power and how it makes you feel so insignificant but you can live in concert with such an incredible power. Our first date was to the beach. We would live on the beach if we could.

Tangential: Ok now why this word? We are two separate forms that fit perfect next to each other but we are still our own shape. We don’t intersect and form hard transitions but we merge smoothly and seamlessly and without effort. We live our lives as one but still have the ability to enjoy our own path and yet we love to share the interest of the other.

Thegither: I feel empty when we are apart. Like part of me is missing and when we reconnect again life feels complete. I know in some ways the over thinks may not find it healthy to enjoy another company like I do with my bride. I don’t think anyone can explain it so I just feel grateful that we share the same desire to share our lives together.
I saw the word long long ago but now I understand the meaning. Happy We Are Thegither from the Scottish poem

Opaque: We appear that way to most people. There is more going on under the surface that what appears on the surface. Solid thoughts, feelings and actions. To each other we are transparent and as one. We can read each other and know when there is something not right. We can feel the emotions like they are happening to both of us. We hold the wall around us from previous life experiences but stand together. We can experience twice the joy and share the sorrow or pain with the other and know it’s only half as bad.

Nouvelle or Nuovo: Always new… We are always looking to share new things and love the comfort of the each others company. We never run out of things to talk about. We can go to the same place and see something new or enjoy the emotions like it’s our first time. Give us a full tank of gas and we have a road trip, and bench near the ocean and we have an afternoon of knitting or just enjoying the peace and tranquility. The work week is just a bumper between times we share living life looking for the next new thing. Work to live and not live to work.

Happy Anniversary Deborah Dearheart. I love you!


  1. awww, you are the sweetest boy ever! you are both lucky to have found each other. big hugs from me and my sweet boy too.

  2. congrats to you both. It's refreshing to see when two kindred spirits find eachother! Happy 2nd anniversary and I wish you many more.

  3. Congratulations! We are so happy we've gotten to know you this year. All our best,

    Gaby & Chris

  4. Beautifully written. Happy Anniversary to you both!

  5. Deborah Dearheart2:50 PM

    Surprise! Happy Anniversary Love!
    I'm all misty from your letter. I hope you printed out a copy for our keepsake basket. What a beautiful post. I love you!


  6. I am rather a "newbie" reader to your blog and I love it. I just wanted to wish you two a Happy Anniversary and hope you have many, many more. You truly have something special...not everyone is so lucky to have found their one true soul mate. Beautifully written I might add. :)

  7. Congratulations to you both! I have tears in my eyes, the sentiments are so beautiful

  8. Happy Anniversary! What a lovely post :-)

  9. Happy Anniversary! Love really is grand!

  10. Anonymous7:23 PM

    Warmest wishes for your anniversary.

  11. Happy Anniversary and thanks for letting us share in your joy with each other!

  12. Hope your anniversary was wonderful and you have many many more! Congrats to you both!

  13. Happy Anniversary Deb and Jerry!

  14. Happy Anniversary!

  15. Happy bleepin' anniversary, you two! May your lives continue to be woven together in love and happiness for years and years and years.

  16. Happy Anniversary ~ sorry I didn't read this on Monday ~

    May you be blessed with joy and happiness for many more years.

  17. Anonymous12:23 PM

    Oh, how sweet are you, Jerry?!



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