Thursday, September 20, 2007

SP11 Thank you

My first box from SP 11 arrived today. I was completely surprised. Victorian Lace Today. I've been looking at this lace book every time I go to the book store. And two skeins of alpaca silk yarn from Blue Sky alpaca. mmmm nice

The plot thickens. I know that my SP is reading my blog and it shows by what was sent.
Thank you So much!

If you haven't seen the book I recommend it just for the beautiful pictures. What a great coffee table book as well as a wonderful knitting book. The patterns also give multiple yarn substitutions for each project.

Just some pretty color for you to enjoy that happens to be growing just outside the gate.


  1. I love to take pictures of roses. They have such beauty and elegance. Nice shots.

  2. Jerry,

    I have a copy of the Victorian Lace. It is wonderful. Not only are the patterns lovely, but the photography is grand too. You are lucky to have such a great pal!

    The flowers you shared are great. My darlin' hubby is so allergic to everything we only have minimal flowers in our yar. Either they help to keep the critters out of our vegetable garden or I hang them in the trees.

    Have a great day!

  3. i love that book! your flowers ar beautiful! how all goes in the new house?

  4. OH great gift!

    Iam not a lacy guy but are you starting lace project from your NEW book?
    Make sure you which out your YO(yarn over)!

    Anyway...Great photo of rose!Lovely!


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