Thursday, September 27, 2007

Pub Knitters 9-26

Last night was our Wednesday Pub Knitters in Laguna Beach. Our tiny group of three knitters has grown to 9 or 10 regulars who come out for a nice dinner or maybe just a drink and some good friends who all love to knit and talk yarn. The last few weeks Gaby has been bringing her recent purchases and this week is was a Megan and I to share what was delivered lately by the US postal service. we just seem to enable each other by sharing the latest indie dyers and the next week someone else in the group has something to share from that dyer and another one that is new to the group. I should have taken some pictures of the yarn ooogling but I was too busy either showing my new arrivals or checking out Megann's treasures.
It was really nice to see Pam come back since we moved back to our Winter location.

Two other regulars now are Amanda and Sally from the Thursday UCI S&B.

Please forgive the poor pictures but here is the group in mid dine and knit.

Clockwise it's Gaby, Chris her hubby, Megann, Sally, Amanda, and Pam.

The two missing from the other shot are Mrs. Twisted and Bree both furthest from the Camera. Mrs. Twisted in Red and Bree sitting directly across from her (sorry Bree for the picture of you eating)

Yours truly doing more talking than knitting.

Half way through the evening Gaby completed the sweater she had cast on about 2 1/2 weeks earlier. That calls for a modeling picture...

Here is Gaby showing her Puff-Sleeved Feminine Cardigan sweater in Knit Picks Merino Style.

Bree wanted to see how it looked so she slipped it on as well. I think the mannequin pose is the required look when trying on FOs for the first time. It's like "Ta-Da" Beautiful Daahhhhling.......

We are planning a pot luck yarn swap for Halloween. Not sure if the bar we meet in will be really busy that night so we already made plans to meet elsewhere. Most of us in the group have excessive stashes and we each have yarn that we bought on impulse purchases so we are going to bring all those and see if we can trade for some thing we would rather have. Megann had a new hank or Zen sock yarn from the semi-solid color sock club that arrived and she isn't too thrilled with pinks so I hope she brings that. hint hint hint. Sorry I couldn't resist.

What a wonderful group of people to hang out with and share. Life is Good


  1. Yes, our knitting nights are such fun. I always look forward to them. I think we could have opened a little yarn corner last night! I am going to have to tease you with that pink sock yarn for as long as I can get away with

  2. Is the yarn swap actually Halloween night? If Bill is out of town on business, can I come? :)

  3. I must have just missed the yarn oogling :( I had a blast last night! I'm really happy to have met all the people who joined while PK was in the summer location... I will definately be a regular now - how could I stay away from such a fantastic group?! Gaby - your sweater is FAB - I think it's going on my list :)

  4. You all are so lucky to have such a grand group of fellow knitters to hang with.

    I have to admit that I probably could find a group in Cleveland, but once I get home in the evening, it takes an atomic blast (or a run to the Emergency Room) to get me out of the house. Of course, that might be due to may 4:50a.m. wake up call.

    Anyway, I am jealous of the fun and yarn and modelling and everything else. Looking forward to more living vicariously through your knitting group.

  5. Hi Jerry,
    I'm delurking to let you know that last night was very fun. Both your yarn and Megann's yarn haul was impressive. Went to Woolly Boully's etsy shop tonight but she did not have any of that incredible meanie yarn. I'll have to watch for that! Maybe you all have tricks on how you do that you can share next time. Have fun next week and I'll see you on the 10th....

  6. I love that the pic of me is while I'm eating, that soup was really good.

    Carolyn, you are more than welcome to come to the yarn swap, we'd love to have you there!

    See you all next week!


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