Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Twisteds go to see the Yarn Harlot

We have been planning this for some time to go see the Yarn Harlot. The knitting groups we belong to have been all a buzz for weeks and the carpooling and such. I tried to add to the day a little so I had planned to attend the Fiber Festival at La Petite Knitterie Carolyn from All things Strings and Bree from OC Pub knitters joined us in our car and we met Gaby Chris and Megann at the yarn shop. Lori Lawson of Capistrano Fiber Arts Studio was presenting her hand painted yarns and you know we love to support the LYS and one of our favorite hand dyers.

Most of the group couldn't leave without something pretty. We bought 6 hanks of fingering weight alpaca to make some socks for the relatives who live in the colder climates.

3 of the Indian Paintbrush and 3 Laguna Canyon.

Some coffee for the caffeine fans and we were off to the L.A. county library.

Mrs Twisted, Bree and Carolyn posing in front of the library

It was much larger than I had expected. I live in Orange County and it was our first time here.

There were about 230 people there and the venue was beautiful. As I walked in I saw Laura from A Mano Yarn Center. We met up with the wonderful ladies from the UCI S&B group the we knit with on Thursdays. Total there were 11 of us and two that Gaby had invited also made the trek.

The talk was very entertaining and inspiring to all of us in the room. After the hour and a half of laughs and stories she signed and posed for pictures with all who would stand in line.

Mrs Twisted made a sign for the event that caught her eye from the stage.

I guess she had good eyes lol

She even posed with us after signing her books for us.

Mrs. Twisted, Yarn Harlot, Me and Bree all glowing in the fun of the event.

Here is Megann AKA Crafty Pancakes with the Yarn Harlot

This is Gaby taking her turn. She was so genuine and kind to meet with us all.

We had plans after the talk to go to another yarn shop in Santa Monica but the line moved so slowly we scraped the second shop and went straight to Border Grill for Dinner in Santa Monica.

Dinner was just the Wednesday night group and Carolyn who was riding with us. We had a wonderful day and it just got better when we arrived home to find two boxes on the door step.

Wool Girl Sock club and Punk Rock Gift Exchange.
I'll post pics of them soon. The Wool girl yarn is soooooo pretty


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful day! I've never been much of the groupie type, but I think Stephanie brings out the groupie in a lot of knitters!

  2. I wish I could have gone. Sounds like you had a great time!

    How tall are you anyway?

  3. what a great day!

    I love the LA library! It could be my favorite public building...

  4. That was so much fun! Let's all get together again soon for some more yarny good times in L.A.

  5. tee hee, we posted some of the same shots! It was fun to see you there - you really looked like you were having fun running around to meet all your Ravelry friends!

  6. Arghhhh, when Yarn Harlot was in Cleveland, I was in school. Of course, that was the trip that was absolutely hideous for her. Pittsburgh/Cleveland/Detroit. Instead of having her driving, she was booked on flights, spending more time waiting in airports. I've volunteered to pick her up next time and drive her from point a to point b to point c. Besides the fun of it, it would be much faster for her.

    Sounds like you had a great time not only with Stephanie but with all your friends and buds.

  7. Yesterday was fun! Thanks for letting me tag along with your group. If not sooner - see you at Crazy Aunt Purl Oct 11!

  8. Yarn Harlot was a blast! Sorry we missed each other, but there will be a next time to get our knit on....

  9. Thanks for the great post and play-by-play! I was so sorry to miss it for my busy family weekend up north. Visited my new LYS again for some yarn for a beret for my dd (and a hat for me too!).

  10. ooh, can't wait to see your PRGE package. i have mine put together for my partner, but didn't want to send it too early. maybe i'll pop it in the mail this week, if you've received yours!

  11. Jerry, thanks for the pictures of La Petite and my trunk show. I brought my camera but got so busy, I forgot that I even had it. I actually remembered on Sunday. Good to see you, Deb, and all of your knitter friends. And sounds like you had a great day seeing the Yarn Harlot. See you guys again soon.

  12. Sounds like great fun! A large library would be much better than the smaller venues they have her at up here.

  13. Anonymous1:39 PM

    Hey, I was there too, wasn't she just the funniest?! Too bad I didn't see you guys in the crowd, I would have introduced myself.


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