Sunday, September 09, 2007

Heartbreaks and light bulbs

For those of you who are self taught you may have a bit more sympathy. Mrs. Twisted realized that she was doing Yarn Overs incorrectly. She has always had some issues with lace and this may have been a contributing factor. After completing a pie wedge and a half we looked on Ravelry to see other completed projects and she was heartbroken to notice the difference in their projects. The absence of the lacy scallops was obvious and we looked at the yarn over techniques and according to the Knitting answer Book by Margaret Radcliffe ( Our go-to-knitting-bible). She was flying along and the pattern of mostly garter stitch but if it's not correct she can't just let it go. A tearful ripping and a moment of silence as she re-wound the yarn. Good news she has already cast on before I could finish this post. She was happy that the light bulb came on before she finished the whole shawl.

In other knitting news...
Monday we are planning to attend a new group of knitters, High Tide Purlers Knitting Guild of Laguna Beach California. Our friend Gabby is a member and is also giving a presentation at this months meeting. A group of these ladies are going through the Knitting Guild Association Masters Program and I was interested in this myself.


  1. Oh I sympathise - what a blow when you think you are doing OK.

    I have a ball of lovely tweedy organic yarn (from Central Otago, South Island, NZ) and I thought it would be nice to try it with some simple lace. I had better see if I can find your 'knitting bible' and make sure I start correctly.

  2. I empathize, I hate finding out I am not doing something right.
    I heart the knitting answer book, I carry it with me EVERYWHERE!

  3. Anonymous8:38 AM

    I have also thought about going through the master knitter program. I would welcome your thoughts on the program.

  4. Oh my gosh I do the same thing! I am self taught (or with books) and I discovered later than sooner that I was PURLING completely backwards. Now this didn't make any difference really and didn't even look bad, but I had to fix it and now all is well. I can totally relate!

  5. I am with loopykd - I was purling backwards, which was a hassle with lace (stitches were oriented the wrong way), but no problem really. Then I knit a raglan sweater for my grandson and you could see the twist - sob. It all worked out in the end.

    I hope the shawl knits up beautifully for Mrs. Twisted

  6. It's always great to evolve in your knitting knowledge, even if there are a few lumps and bumps and trips to the frog pond along the way...kudos for keeping with it!


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