Friday, September 14, 2007

Pay it forward update....

Do you ever get the feeling that you want to help the world to be a better place but you cant reach far enough? I posted my pay it forward and was thrilled to see so many eager souls step up to pass the good will forward. I was troubled to hear that one of the wonderful ladies who took the torch and posted it was rewarded with zero comments. Either she doesn't have a lot of traffic across her blog or maybe it has just run it's course. I know statistically you would run out of people but I wouldn't think we ran out of givers yet. Let me say this, if you were thinking he ( me) already has too many commenters and I wont get picked and you still want to pay it forward please go to her blog and I'm sure you will restore her faith in humanity. Besides she is a wonderful and bright young lady who just graduated with her MBA on the cusp of life. Engaged to the love of her life and ready to conquer the world.
Wish I had pixie dust to make everything all better, cure world hunger, end life threatening diseases, end hate and greed but I know that's not realistic at least at this point in my life. We must live with the limits of life and do what we can to extend them when we can.
Have a wonderful Friday The weekend is almost here.


  1. went and commented. I had a problems with several who commented then didn't repost it on their blog.

    Oh well... humans...
    can't live with them, can't sell them on ebay.

    We're predicted to have a high of 67 tomorrow with night time temps into the 40's, we're sooo hittin' the hot tub!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Thanks for the shout out! I just want to be sure that anyone who wants to be gifted gets gifted. As I mentioned... if not enough people step up, I'll content myself with knitting a few sweaters for a charity cause (like Dulaan). :) Won't exactly be a pay it forward project, but it works!

  3. Anonymous5:24 PM

    Very well said...It would be nice to have the pixie dust or a magic wand to make everything right in the world...


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