Sunday, September 30, 2007

Saturdays arrival

Since we last talked the mail lady came. Yes we have a mail lady, not a mailman. She is such a wonderful person too, she brings lovely yarn with a smile. Remember the yarn that was in transit, well some of it it arrived safe and sound this afternoon.

Have you had a chance to see and touch Seacell or silk/Seacell? Handmaiden has a line of Seacell fiber that looks and feel like silk. I have multiple hanks of the Handmaiden yarn but I'm always looking for the new and exciting fiber. Mama Llama yarns just introduced her new line of Seacell based fiber a few weeks ago. I got a little heads up on Ravelry and was directed to Woolgirl as the distributor who was getting the shipment first. Not to be left out, I e-mailed Jen and placed my order before it was even in her hands. Nothing better for a distributor than pre-selling yarn before you receive it. Talk about positive cash flow and inventory turns. The fiber is Seacell silk blend in colorway Deepest Purple. 250 yards per hank..... I had in my head a darker color but I will find just the right pattern for this beautiful fiber. Catherine, if you read this I would love an almost black plum color where the light has to be right to see the purple sheen. The silk and the Seacell taking the color at different rates, making it rich, deep and dark yet just this side of solid.

Jen from Woolgirl always presents the shipment like a gift. She included a free pattern from Catherine Kerth AKA Mama Llama for a lace shawl and a pack of Soak fiber wash for good measure.

The Mail lady brings the bills but she makes it all better by bringing the special boxes of yarn too.
Life is good!

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  1. glad you like it! i understand wanting a deep richer purple and to be honest it was almost that color before the finishing rinse.... I always have to expect the silk blended yarns to release dye.... some release more thn i'd like them too ;)


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