Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Twisteds go to a Knitting Guild

Monday night we attended a meeting of The High Tide Purlers Knitting Guild of Laguna Beach. May I first say how much I love the location. We're on the 3rd floor of the Wells Fargo Bank in downtown Laguna Beach. Nice open room with multiple sliding glass doors that open towards the Pacific Ocean letting the sea air waft into the room. Not many places like this! This picture was from the balcony just off the room. 68 deg and beautiful....

Close to 35 people there to enjoy the pre-meeting knitting and chatting. Very nice group of ladies that were very accepting and were happy to see a "Man" knitter in the midst. Megann, AKA Crafty Pancakes was also there for her first night, we had 4 of our Pub Knitters there representing the younger set. Our friend Gabby from the Wednesday night Pub Knitters was giving a presentation on how to use the Internet to expand your knitting experience. She had her lap top there to show everyone Ravelry and when the topic of sock clubs and Internet buying she looked over and called me the enabler. *Blush* I was put on the spot a little but what can I say, I love to buy yarn.
What a nice group of ladies who just loved to share. I will probably begin the Master Knitters program in October just to add some structure to my growth and keep me from just skipping around from project to project. I do like order in my life even though I like to cause disorder in others minds. I don't like to be predictable but I prefer to know my path but not afraid to take a few detours along the way.
Here are a few bad pictures of the group. Sorry for the blurry pics I was a little quick with the shutter I think.

All and All it was a great night with lots of friendly ladies.


  1. looks like a great bunch of people! beautiful location! ughhhh, so jealous ;)

  2. What a beautiful locale. Looks like a great group with which to stitch.

    Master Knitter's program? Wow. That's serious knitting. Good luck!

  3. The guild meeting was fun with some angry older woman thrown in for a minute :) Glad we joined at the same time. The location was great. Dinner beforehand next time?

  4. I missed the October meeting. I hope to catch the meeting on November 12.


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