Thursday, October 18, 2007

8 Meme

I know we have all been hit with the MEME thingies. I was tagged by my PRGE pal Alison.

8 Random things:

  1. I have 18 pairs of shoes. Sorry ladies no Christian Louboutin here. He doesn't make mens shoes and I doubt he would make size 15 anyway. A few nice dress shoes and some leather loafers and my favorite Doc Martins.
  2. Work life seems less important the older I get
  3. Bora Bora is my lotto vacation destination
  4. I'm afraid of heights but not of being in tall buildings or flying. Seems like the older I get the more severe it has become.
  5. I miss driving a stick shift car.
  6. Before the age of 21 I was a Motocross Racer, Bicycle racer, surfer, Boy Scout, Auto Mechanic, and Machinist.
  7. Mrs. Twisted says I'm the best wife she has ever had.
  8. I never played in youth sports ( baseball basketball football) as a child and learned to play baseball as my son learned T-ball 13 years ago. I let them play any and all sports and loved being the assistant coach.


  1. You know I agree with you on the work/life balance thing! Been listening to Ash & Thirsty Merc while I work this morning!

  2. My darlin' hubby is so pleased because I just gave away about 20 pairs of shoes, several jackets, etc. I have about five good pairs that I wear on a regular basis.

    I hate stick shift. We had to learn to drive stick shift in high school and I haven't driven one since.

    My darlin' hubby is a wonderful wife also something I think I'll have to blog about . . .

    Have a great day. Hope you are both feeling better.

  3. Wow! You and my husband have a lot in common. He works at the local BMW motorcycle dealer and we go dirt bike riding (and camping) several times a year.

  4. "Mrs. Twisted says I'm the best wife she has ever had."

    hahahaha, that totally makes the best sense ever and I have said that about Mr. Inky!!

    hope you are feeling better ;)


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