Friday, October 12, 2007

Crazy Aunt Purl @ The Grove

Last night was the official launch of Crazy Aunt Purls book. We made the trek to West LA from Orange County and got there in time to stand in the back which turned out to be good fortune for us.

They had a raffle for a gift basket that had yarn and Wine and cheetos (both types) and goodies.

As normal B&N had too few seats set up because they don't expect a knitter to draw a crowd. We estimated 105 people and 48 chairs. We stood off to the side and as it turned out we were the first to move up for the signing portion after she did her reading and Q&A session. She has said there is a 2nd book already in the works.

What a pleasant surprise that she remembered us from the Stitch and Pitch a few months ago. I think it helps that she doesn't meet a bunch of tall married men knitters.

Here is the obligatory pose with the Author/book

She was so warm and friendly to us in line.

Laura from Little Devil Works was there early enough to get second row seats and I was surprised on the ride down the escalators by Rainy one of my friends on Ravelry. What a nice ending to the evening. Funny how many times I get recognized at these public events now. All the ladies have been so nice and friendly that I've met on blogs or Ravelry.

The good news is that we were finished first but the bad news was that the freeways were full of accidents last night and we didn't get home till 10:30. My cold seems to be hanging on and I couldn't wait to crawl into bed and sleep. I probably will forgo the Men's knitting tonight and stay home to recover.


  1. It was great to see you two last night. I looked for you after to see if you guys wanted to grab a drink or dinner, but I figured you started the long drive back. See you sooN!

  2. oooooooo She's not gonna be close to here so I will miss out but I did finally get her book and start reading it.

    Hope you feel better, been fighting a cold myself

  3. What a great night you had- shame about the journey home!

  4. I've tagged you- 8 random things meme! Check my blog out...


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