Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Not that close thank goodness.

To all of you who are wondering if we are close to the fires, yes and no. We are about 9 miles to where the Irvine fire is still burning. Santiago and Modjeska Canyons are still losing homes and they say it may burn for another 3 to 5 days. The homes in the local canyons are tucked away and used to be a pristine community away from the bustle of the city and yet close enough to enjoy the benefits when they are wanted.

I just heard that over a million people are displaced and over 1800 homes lost in 20 different fires. It Makes me feel so helpless and angry that it seems like the resources were not readily available when they should have been. For the first day all we heard about was the Movie stars homes in Malibu on fire. Every year they have fires and floods mudslides and yet they choose to live there. Listening to a local politician who was frustrated by the lack of support he was getting to get air support for his Orange County constituents. OK off my soap box now.

Here are a few pics from the parking lot behind our place. on the left side of the horizon you can see how close the foothills are to our home.

The wind died down a little but the palm trees don't lie.

Casa De Twisted is safe and not in danger. Positive energy to all the firefighters who are still risking their lives to extinguish fires set by arsonist.


  1. Very frightening. I cannot even begin to imagine. Our San Diego office has been closed and we have been getting regularly updates about the status of collegues.

    The one thing that we have been talking about and was discussed both in our local newspaper and on the news is how incredibly well-behaved everyone is and the generosity of spirit. Fair or not, the newspeople are comparing this catastrophe to Katrina and Californians are winning hands-down.

  2. We are so glad to hear that you and the Mrs. (and all your fiber) are safe and sound and not in any danger.

    Fire "season" is dreadful and very frightening.

  3. i'm glad the casa is safe. I was wonder about you and the Mrs. my thoughts are with you guys!
    WOW! those palm trees are taking a beating!

    Everyone has a place they call home and its a shame when you lose that secure feeling, no matter who you are.
    People wonder why we live where hurricanes get us... I have no resonable answer for them ;)

  4. I am so trying to figure out where that picture was taken? Irvine? Looking southwest? I hate the smoke in the air. My daughter has asthma but it doesn't seem to be bothering her this time. That's a good sign.

  5. I have been watching it on the TV. 9 miles is too close for anyone, but those facing losses must be devastated. I'm glad you guys are well. What is happening to our planet? We had terrible floods in June here and some businesses are still unable to reopen and the losses of life were unthinkable.


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