Sunday, October 28, 2007

Men's Knitting Group

Friday night I was feeling a little better so I attended the Mens knit night at Alamitos Bay Yarn Company. I missed the last meeting 2 weeks ago from the flu/cold I've been fighting forever. There were only three of us there but I guess there are a few more that had other plans this week.

The group meets in the Annex just south of the shop in the same shopping center. If you haven't been to the shop it's a nice place with lots of beautiful yarn sitting right on the Alamitos Bay docks.

What a nice comfortable setting with sofas, easy chairs and a central table in the middle.

This is Chris, he works part time at the shop.

Gene (Pictured here)was the one who organized the group and was there when I arrived. We all chatted about work and our projects just like other groups, just a differ dynamic being all guys... Any other male knitter lurkers out there? We meet every other week, don't be shy.


  1. Nope . . . but my son picked out some microspun this weekend at Joann's and he wants to make himself "something."

  2. Mrs. Twisted2:36 PM

    is that, can it be....a PURPLE couch? I'm glad you had fun and hopeyou get more male knitter guys interested.


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