Thursday, October 11, 2007

Men, CAP, Mama Llama

Hi all, I hope you are having a good Thursday. Just a few updates and an FO picture.

I'm going to a Men's knit night that happens 2 Friday's a month. A local shop, Alamitos Bay Yarn Co is hosting it and it looks like there are at least 6 of us for the first meeting. Nice shop right on the water. They have an annex room in the same complex that is full of comfy couches and easy chairs. They use the room for classes but I guess someone convinced them to host the men's night when there are no classes.

Last nights Pub Knitters was quite fun. Mrs. Twisted baked cupcakes for the 2 birthdays since last week. Megann and myself. We shared our cupcakes with the waitress and she was so grateful that we would include her in the fun. Yesterday I did something and I may do this more often. I work relatively close to my home and we really don't have much time on Wednesday nights to fix dinner. I ran home at lunch and made spaghetti sauce during my lunch hour and after browning the meat and adding all the spices and simmering the sauce for a while I fixed a quick ham sandwich and ran the dishwasher after I left. I slid it into the fridge and left the spaghetti pot on the stove full of water before I returned to work. It's amazing how much you can get done in 45 minutes. I sent an e-mail to the Mrs and let her know whoever gets home first just turn on the water and we can eat 9 minutes after it comes to a boil. It's not as good as spaghetti the second day but it's not bad this way. Resting 5 hours melded the flavors pretty well. I walked in the door @ 5:15 and by 5:35 we were eating complete with garlic Texas toast mmmmmmmm We have been having fun with our pasta dishes lately and I've started adding crushed red peppers to the sauce to give it a little kick. Lots of garlic and onion seasoning too. Last night I thought it was too much and Mrs. Twisted said hey, the sauce is really good this way! So much for too much huh?

More encouragement to some of the members last night regarding the Halloween party / yarn swap the Pub Knitters are having. Costumes are not required but scorn and ridicule will be heaped on your otherwise. Just kidding, most of us can't wait to do this. No hints of what I'm going as but it will make most of you smile I think. I will post pictures of the event. I was thinking of a few prizes from the stash to inspire some creativity. The Yarn swap will be fun too, this group has some pretty amazing hand dyed yarn that will be swapped for other hand dyed. No fun fur in this crowd. I know that Megann and Gaby have a huge stash and now Amanda is joining the fun. it will be fun. I've been making some overt advances toward a hank of Pink Zen semi-solid that Megann had a few weeks ago but I'm playing coy, even brought a new hank of pink sock yarn last night as a decoy. The games we play... :)

These socks were finished over the weekend. The Yarn is Schaefer Anne from the Sock club for all Seasons. Autumn Spice

Mrs. Twisted didn't follow the pattern for the month. The Fiesta pattern was what the yarn wanted. The next shipment is due in a few weeks.

Last but not least we are driving into LA tonight to go be a part of the book launch of Crazy Aunt Purl. One of our favorite daily blog reads and she is a local So Cal resident and a genuinely nice lady. We had the opportunity to meet her at Stitch and Pitch last May. So we cant wait to wish her luck on getting published. Amazing that the knitting public is so powerful that it can take a blogger and allow them the forum to get published. We wish you all the best! Her next stop is Houston where they are going to be a the local Yarn Shop where Mama Llama is having her first trunk show displaying her stunning yarns. Mama Llama, Catherine, was my Secret Pal Giftee during the last round. Recently she was the featured yarn on the Lime and Violet pod cast and now a trunk show to spotlight your fiber during the CAP tour. Way to Go Catherine! If you keep this up the secret will be out and it will be impossible to buy your fiber like so many other inde dyers. Just kidding... I hope you sell every last hank and it spurs you to make more and more for us Mama Llama lovers. So if your in the Houston Saturday make you way over the Yarntopia and say hi to Laurie and pick up some Mama Llama Fiber. Small world, at least in the knitting community.
Thant's all for now.

Life Is Good!


  1. I had spaghetti for dinner too! One of my favorites. I love the colors of your socks. Nice work.

  2. Sorry I didn't come with you to see Aunt Purl. It's been busy around here. But it looks like I will be joining you for the Halloween party thing afterall. Good thing, because I do have some yarn to swap. Now i just have to dig out the information you sent me about it... my boy is going out of town this Sunday and he'll be gone for at least a month.


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